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Definition of Maternity Clothes

Updated on November 15, 2014

The right maternity wear makes your mood change

Countless women feel out of their element while pregnant wearing clothes which arent their style or choice. Maternity clothes are actually what you make it and there are exceptions to the norm. Find out more about it here.
Countless women feel out of their element while pregnant wearing clothes which arent their style or choice. Maternity clothes are actually what you make it and there are exceptions to the norm. Find out more about it here. | Source

Forget the traditional definition of how you imagine they should look

Expectant mothers struggle with wearing maternity clothes. Many see the two words and simply cringe imagining what they have to forgo in personal style and panache. The expectation is clothing they will surely feel uncomfortable in. The thought is overwhelming for countless expecting mommies to try to locate something similar to what they are accustomed to sporting around every day. With this in mind, reconsider what to wear during the months of expecting a new baby. There are more than a few options when it comes to maternity wear.

The assumption is it all must be synonymous with frumpy dumpy ugly things that never fit quite right and unattractive. Things no one would ever enjoy showing off or feel pretty wearing. Not all have to fit this mold. If truth be told, it’s easy to make these into what you want them to be.

This doesn’t mean designing an entire line of new things to dress in. In truth, most “mommies to be” discover what they need and want are already found on the racks of some of their favorite boutiques and stores. Looking through new eyes and at a different level actually helps fit tons of unappealing layers of cloth into something attractive and desirable. Check these tips out.

These are examples of surprising maternity clothing choices anyone searching for the right item to look and feel wonderful will find just right. Calm those hormones down and have one less thing to worry about by following some of this wonderful advice.

Wear regular clothes

When discussing “regular” clothes in this article the reference is to those worn when not pregnant. Everyday ordinary outfits put on to putter around town, to the office or on a visit to the gym are all included. One of the few considerations not made by many people is the possibility of wearing these same fashions while waiting on the little one to arrive.


Buying new ones is always a fun activity. Simply put on the thinking cap and imagine favorite styles on a body shaped a little differently. If this doesn’t work, try a new fashion statement with regular wear in larger sizes. A new one is capable of still screaming out the individuality craved by many individuals opposing the “mother to be” wear.

There are accessories which are also favorable to a changing figure. While the bulk and form alter and things such as belts or zip up jeans are out of the question, try adding variety with scarves, hats, vests, jackets and other things which help hide certain portions of the physique or enhance any you discover are more appealing at this time.

For younger mothers who do not care for some of the more “matron looking” trends or would like to throw on something closer to their regular wardrobe for as long as possible, this alternative is extremely alluring.

Lots of shirts, blouses and dresses are useful after delivery for countless nursing moms who haven’t quite got their figure back to the before baby stage. This fills in the gaps between the wardrobe before pregnancy and the one after, but still needing room for a body transformed.

Where to find them

These are wherever you currently shop. Although there are small boutiques carrying the favorite new trendy fashions out there, stay with the mainstream. Buy off the rack whenever possible. Remember, most women avoid these after delivery. They are happy to return to their usual wear.

One of the best things about buying regular clothes is the opportunity to locate sales and clearance items. This means getting something brand new, maternity without looking it along with still having money in the wallet at the end of the day. Score one for the team.


Avoid going crazy and replacing every item in the closet with a new one. Sales are definitely a friend in these cases. Search for them whenever possible. Nine months is a long time and three different seasons. New items are not needed for all three. Consolidate or wear whatever you have on hand for as long as possible. It’s pretty costly to try and go with something new for all occasions.

Second hand or used

There are few articles of clothing which are hardly ever worn out. Things such as a mink stole, an opera muff or even the Halloween costume of Marie Antoinette. These happen to fall into the same category. They are rarely worn out. This is because generally because each item is typically outgrown rather quickly or no longer needed after several months. Therefore, many second hand ones are in great shape and still full of a lot more use.


One of the best opportunities is the prospect of getting some excellent items fairly inexpensive in lots of cases. It is nice to be able to buy some very expensive ones at a fraction of the original cost while finding them still in wonderful shape.

Paying less than cost means the ability to purchase more than spending what the retailer charges and a bigger selection to choose from each morning in the closet. One more advantage is after using them, if they are gently used, it is possible to resell them and pocket some of the money. A win-win situation is found with this one

Where to find them

There are consignment shops for this kind of fashion as well as garage sales or even giveaways. Check out second hand stores or even Craigslist for options. A number of women finish up having children and give these away. If you are fortunate enough to be the right size, this is a wonderful way to get a closet full.


Disadvantages include not having the latest fashion or finding the right size. It never hurts to try and more often than not something useful is discovered.

The competition is steep. Lots of mothers have this idea in mind. This is a time in life when saving and being economical is forefront in the mind of almost every parent. A penny saved here and there is certainly worth the trouble.

Imagine needing a formal dress for an event at this time. Spending the dollars for a brand new one is not very economical. Look for one gently used. As a rule these have been used once and it helps to avoid a lavish and wasteful item on a budget when expecting.

Depending on the community, second hand stores or consignment shops are possibly scarce. In these cases a friend or relative willing to sell their gear fairly cheap is an option to explore.

Truthfully how anyone dresses affects moods and impressions felt. At this time in life when emotions are riding rollercoasters it makes the right look and feel even more important. Imagine an entire day ruined because of feeling awkward or uneasy with how you appear to others based on how you dress.

Know anything about sewing? It could be a goldmine

Hand sewn

If you happen to be skilled with a needle and thread or sewing machine making your own is a brilliant idea. This means buying material and creating unique fashions which fit any personality which is terrific for anyone with a unique sense of style. Designs are capable of bypassing the standard or traditional maternity look and feel.


If you have the capacity to construct these types of fashions there are more than a couple of additional benefits other alternatives do not bring to the table. The fit of each piece is wonderful, intended for an individual’s unique measurements as well as in a color or blueprint desired. Even shopping at the Mall or online doesn't always bring these types of advantages!

This means building innovative fashions anywhere, any style or in whatever form desired as well as colors of choice. As girth becomes larger, many people are disappointed in options found within the marketplace. The retailer in this scenario is the dressmaker or sewer.


One rarely thought about is the failing energy levels experienced as time goes on. The energetic entrepreneur at five months out is not there at the eight month turn. Will the seamstress make the marathon? Even morning sickness is a damper for most women.

The disadvantage is obvious. The biggest is not having the expertise needed to craft items. This is generally not when pregnant women find the patience, money or time to learn from the ground up. This doesn’t mean a great foundation will not flourish into something workable, but consider if this is the right venue before investing in a machine and other costly materials.

Material is expensive in some cases and trial and error not an option. For an example, a special occasion like a wedding means making a deviation from other forms crafted. Something unique is generally the desired product. However, after several weeks of work and several yards of expensive material disaster strikes and there is no upshot. The gown is far from wearable and the money is gone for the cloth.

New ones

Maternity wear is advertised daily. There are boutiques designed specifically for this section of fashion. Models sought after to sport it and make it look wonderful. Big department store chains have cashed in on the amount of ladies hoping to look their best and have portions of their stores devoted to the merchandise.


There are benefits to this investment which include something new and stylish along with getting the right size when you need it. These extras come with a price, be prepared to pay for it. Finding trendy colors and styles are usually going to cost full price and are hardly on sale. Though, clearance occasions and sales do occur. Larger retailers with bigger maternity assortments are the best place to look.

Shopping is always fun. Getting exactly what is needed when it is needed is an added benefit too big to overlook. Need new swimsuit, buy it. Need new jeans, charge them. A christening coming up, no problem, shop for something fancy to look great in. whether from the comfort of home on at the mall, there are millions of new clothes with maternity attached to the tag.


The drawback is the cost. Buying new clothes, especially ones you only wear for a short period of time, could be expensive. Additionally, if you need some for work and others for home this could really put a dent in the wallet when it comes down to it.

In conclusion

Lots of moms combine more than one of these definitions. Sisters or friends donate to the cause, while some shopping is at hand when sales occur. Consignment shops are great to buy from and sale back to when finished. No one route is termed the best for everyone.

Maternity clothing or what to wear while pregnant is a personal choice. The first and most important rule of thumb is being comfortable. Those able to afford the cost of buying whatever item whenever, good for them. If not, review some of these examples and make alternative choices to the tradition wardrobe of an expectant mother. The definition of maternity clothes is really a lot more than imaginable.

Searching for sales or discounts on this type of fashion takes a little ingenuity. This means check your local paper or favorite stores for mark downs as often as possible. Some retailers will specialize in this sort of fashion, but there are not a lot outside of a Mall setting. A couple of boutiques are always nice to stop in and have a look around. Though, be prepared for the orthodox or customary fashions made for pregnant women.

More great tidbits

Mothers expecting their first babies typically "show" much more noticeable changes in the body a lot later in pregnancy. This is wonderful because the time frame of dressing in these particular kinds of clothes is longer. Not only do they wear their original wardrobe for a more extended period of time, but the likelihood of making the entire nine months with this plan of attack is very doable. In fact, some never have to consider getting into anything remotely maternity oriented.

Gaining the couple of pounds needed for a healthy baby to be born didn’t simply happen overnight. This means getting back to the weight before pregnancy is not an overnight happening as well. Give it time. This is another reason to add to the list of why regular clothes a couple of sizes larger have so many benefits.

Sewing attractive clothing with ease. Turn a regular shirt into something an expectant mother will wear

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