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Deflecting Subliminally Implanted Bad Thoughts

Updated on November 9, 2010

Breaking the "Train" of Disturbing Thought Harassment

       "One thing leads to another".............this is one of the most useful pieces of information conveyed to me by my "stalkers".  There is a definite tendency towards having progressively more disturbing ideas when being harassed.  The key is to find positive or innocent interpretations for the words that can come to your mind through subliminal-communication OR CHANGE THE SUBJECT OF YOUR THINKING COMPLETELY TO SOMETHING ELSE.  This short-circuits the attempt to trap your mind in an obsessive, self-defeating thought-pattern. 

      If the thought that you've been given is already hideous and disturbing.........look upon it as a test of your ability to withstand psychological pressure OR an attempt to hinder whatever it is you happen to be doing at the time.  Sure I get despicable and gross thoughts at work, but I'll be damned before I'll let such garbage interfere with my job!  See, you don't focus on how you focus on what you are going to do, which provides no room to ponder the rubbish they send us on a day-to-day basis. 

      Sometimes you'll have to preserve the sanctity of your relationships by focusing on various tasks because whatever-this-is will give you abhorrent and sickening thoughts about this person.  Instead of cursing the source of this awfulness, change the subject to what you must get done right now.  If you haven't anything to do, FIND SOMETHING.  If you "hit back", it's like this thing has lured you into it's psychological territory:  if you are mad, it can control you.  If you aren't, it's like stepping out of it's reach.  It can't go after nice people, so learn to GET NICE on a moments notice to escape these "Dog People".  They can only get after people who stay mad. 

     These people refer to being mentally-disturbed as "Hot" as though it is some sort of a good thing!  If you aren't mentally-disturbed by their actions or the ringing in your ears, they'll make comments like: "You could almost fall asleep in here." or "I'm going somewhere else, it's too COLD in here!"  Well.........if it is too cold for them, GOOD!  It's as though they think that just because they idealize mental disturbance that we'll intentionally agitate ourselves to look good in their eyes.   They FEED on our bad feelings somehow.  Being really nice to one of them can actually make them say "ouch!". 

     So if they have  the same name of an old freind, treat them and think of them as though they were this person you liked.  Same with resemblance, fool yourself to PROTECT yourself from their serious attempts to get you Brainwashed.  If you are in a good mood (especially towards them, you RUIN their game to "make you crazy".  Love your is sure to frustrate them beyond belief and save your mind from the CURSE of "social programming"!   

      This is why fooling our lower-minds into liking these people is so effective:  it starves them of the negativity they need to either feast on or use to get you "into trouble"  with the source of these amplified mind/body signals.  It's like we have thought police who can convict us for being angry.  These guys that molest us are like BAIT.  Fall for their attempts to get you steamed up and you might wind up getting brainwashed into BECOMING ONE OF THEM.   


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