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Delicate Dentures: What to Do If You Break a Set

Updated on December 11, 2017

Many people wear dentures. This makes sense since the placement of dentures has become more precise over the years. Now, it should be noted that nothing is perfect, and dentures are no different. These dental appliances can break for a number of reasons, and you need to be prepared for this possibility. The following will show you what to do should your dentures break.


Remove If Necessary

The first thing you need to do is remove any broken pieces if necessary. You do not want to accidentally swallow a piece of your denture. Plus, this piece can usually be bonded back into place. It is important that you do not try to use regular household items, like super-glue, to repair the denture because these items could be dangerous if swallowed. Furthermore, household items can damage the denture, which could force your dentist to replace the entire denture.

Clean It off

The broken denture piece will be handled by a professional at some point, so be sure to clean it off. This is not exactly necessary but out of courtesy. You want to make sure that you dry it off, too. Use a dry cloth to do this, or let the piece air dry. Cleaning this piece should not take too long, so you can do it while attempting to make plans to deal with the situation, like calling your dentist.

Call Your Dentist


It is important that you communicate with your dentist about your situation. Let him or her decide what to do next. Most of the time, your dentist is going to ask you to come immediately since this can be considered a dental emergency. Try to call a few dentists like lake houston dental or someone similar before you settle with one, but make sure that you do not take too long during this process. This is one reason it is advisable to have a dentist you trust saved in your contacts before anything serious happens.

Be Prepared

This is a rather unfortunate event and one that is going to come with its own set of complications that you need to be prepared for before they happen. Sometimes these breaks are small enough to be repaired by your dentist within a few hours or less.

This is great because it means that you can go back to your life. Still, there are times when the damage is extensive, meaning that repair will take longer. You might have to accept being without dentures as your dentist prepares a new set of dentures. Remember that complications usually lead to expenses, so make sure you have spoken to your insurance company prior to visiting the dentist.


Don’t Try DIY Kits

There are several DIY kits that help a person repair dentures at home. These are helpful for small cracks, but breaks will not be easily taken care of by these kits. At best, they are temporary fixes, so it is advisable to not waste too much time or resources on these options.

One of the problems associated with DIY kits is that the person might do a shoddy job, which can cause things like an uneven bite. This not only makes it harder to eat properly, but it can also lead to more oral damage. Make sure you skip this option unless your dentist tells you that the crack you experienced is small enough to be taken care of at home.

Now you know what to do if you break your dentures. These are delicate oral additions that need to be taken care of properly. Be sure you talk to your dentist about preventative care so that this does not happen to you.

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