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Delivering a miracle

Updated on August 28, 2016

Delivering a miracle

Where even start?
With pregnancy, preterm delivery, fighting with hypothyroid, trying to stay fit....
So much going on in just last two years.
Being a mom of a boy how came on world with only 2.14onces was more difficult then going thru all my life struggles together, but at the same time most magical. Having your own baby in your arms is the feeling that no mom can't describe.
For me tears and happiness at the same time! Hoping he will survive and won't have any consequences! Watch him struggle put me in bad depression, blaming my self aldo I knew it's not my fault. But when u have something so small and precious you can't not to ask your self did I do everything ok. Lots of reading helped me to understand what happened and how to go thru it, had to put smile every time when I look at him in incubator and try not to burst into tears.
Days were going and everything was becoming better, except my hypothyroid that was making me even more tired and hormonal then I already was.
Just of the thought of bringing him home would stress me out because he was so small, but you know what he is fighter , the greatest with purpose on this world. Littlest did I I know did the hard part part is coming. Bringing home your first born and so small baby was definitely the biggest challenge of all. Next 3 months he spent on my chest day and night fighting with the reflex , cramps,groaning. .. we try all different kind of accessorize just to ease him and our self but nothing helped out much except time. .. time conquered all of my fears. Fear of him struggling through life, being disabled , slow, having health issues!
But with the time and lots of patient he's healthy two and a half year old boy who already knows ABC's and his numbers. He showed me how you should go through life, strong and confident and thanks to him I learned a lot.
Mom of a Hero


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