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How to See a Liver Disorder Using Amazing Tongue Diagnosis?

Updated on October 24, 2023
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is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

How to Analyze Your Tongue?

Your tongue is an organ of speech and taste composed of 9000 taste buds. Its color, shape, and size are insightful tools in helping to diagnose or confirm an illness.

Research is beginning to emerge showing all diseases begin in the mouth. Your mouth is your first intuitive contact with germs that are easily assimilated into your body’s organ networks through saliva.

Continuing to eat unhealthy foods decreases your salivary enzymes, resulting in nutritional imbalances, organ malfunction, and illness. Your tongue is amazing and full of clues about the status of your general health.

A Little Tongue Humor for You

See, I can stick my tongue out, so you may see if I have a cold, Mommy! I know tongue diagnosis is great, but right now I'd rather enjoy a lollipop.
See, I can stick my tongue out, so you may see if I have a cold, Mommy! I know tongue diagnosis is great, but right now I'd rather enjoy a lollipop. | Source

Your Tongue Can Measure Your Temperature

Specific areas in your tongue accurately reflect the state of your digestive system from the esophagus to the large intestine, including insights into your stomach, small intestines, pancreas, spleen, liver, and gall bladder.

The temperature of your internal organs associated with blood, nutrient assimilation, and excretion is normally measured for coldness, and excessive heat by a careful analysis of your tongue.

A Healthy Tongue is Pink, and a Dark Tongue Signals a Liver Disorder

A healthy tongue is light to medium pink in color and thinnest at the edges, thicker in the center, and thickest at the base.

  • A pale tongue usually indicates anemia or a low blood volume with diminished energy. A yellowish tongue indicates an excess of bile in the gallbladder or a liver disorder. If the tongue is dark on its sides this may indicate a significant stagnation of your liver.
  • A blue tongue generally indicates a heart condition. Scarlet or purple is a red flag indicating high inflammation or infection in the body. A whitish tongue indicates excess mucus.
  • If your tongue has a thick coating, this indicates the presence of toxins in your stomach and intestines.

Your Tongue Has 5 Zones

Your tongue is truly divided into five zones that correspond to a particular organ and energy system.

  1. The tip of your tongue corresponds to your heart and lungs.
  2. The center of your tongue corresponds to your stomach and spleen.
  3. The back of your tongue corresponds to your kidneys, bladder, large intestine, and small intestine.
  4. The left side of your tongue maps the condition of your gallbladder.
  5. The right side represents your liver.

Tongue diagnosis is normally examined for fifteen seconds at a time under natural light so as not to cause stress that may distort its shape.

Clean Your Tongue, Every Day

Tongue diagnosis is inexpensive and can be performed first at home. If you notice your tongue is coated with a white sticky goo.

You can rinse your mouth with organic coconut oil or oil gargle.

Do this every day for optimal results.

Or before brushing your teeth, you can scrape your tongue to remove the goo.

Over time your mouth will feel fresh, and you won't suffer from halitosis either.

Too Many Greasy and Fried Food Will Coat Your Tongue White

© 2010 Sheila Craan


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