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Dental abscess cured with hot water swish treatment

Updated on September 9, 2016

A painful dental abscess can be cured by swishing with a large cup of as hot a water as you can stand, several times a day til it goes away. (Sometimes results appear after only one good swish.)

The abscess quits hurting entirely and shrinks over a period of hours back to an unswollen state.

The mechanism may be that the body creates a fever to cure an infection, and a dental abscess is a bacterial infection. By heating the abscess area, it makes it inhospitably hot for the bacteria, which dies, and the hot water also helps blood get to the area to further wipe out the infection and drain the abscess internally.

A handy tool in this is an instant digital infrared thermometer. They can be had for a few bucks if ordered from China (e.g. or or for a little more and quicker from or other sources. They come in gun or pen like styles that you can put in a pocket. Point the infrared thermometer at the hot water in your cup from the microwave from two or three inches away and instantly see what the temperature is, in your choice of fahrenheit or centigrade. Around 130 to 140 degrees fahrenheit works. Good luck!


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