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Dental for Seniors: What You Should be Concerned About

Updated on April 25, 2010

Dental care for seniors involves many different concerns and measures. Due to the aging, anything from the jaw bone to receding gums to the teeth’s enamel can bring about difficulties for older people. Those 55 and older also take more medication then younger folks and many regular consequences of these drugs upset the gums and teeth. An extra concern is aging dental work like crowns and fillings are susceptible to damage and decay.

Common Dental Issues

Early indicators that significant dental for seniors problems are about to arise are discoloration and tooth sensitivity. These symptoms can indicate a receding gum line or thin tooth enamel. Cavities are also quite common in the aging population. If you experience dry mouth you are at a higher danger for cavities since your saliva prevents bacterias in your mouth from increasing and causing tooth decay.

Periodontal decay is an extremely widespread infection among older people. This weakening can lead to harm to the roots of your teeth and increase the likelihood of a gum infection. Root damage of a person's teeth can mean your teeth will not be as cemented to your jaw and actions like accidentally biting down on a utensil can mean losing a tooth.

Prevention with Help You Keep those Pearly Whites

Even those of us with spotless dental records and no known dental for seniors problems need to remember, it is important to visit a dental professional on a scheduled basis. If you have a tooth condition and catch it early, you can still completely recover but if left to its own devices, the body will most likely not be able to rebound like a younger person's body. You also may not be aware of a issue in your mouth because it grew slowly and you have just grown used to its existence.

Obviously, the best thing you can do for oral health is to regularly brush and floss your teeth. Toothpastes for folks with sensitive teeth are available and specially modified flosses and toothbrushes if arthritis is an concern for you. Have a wholesome diet full of vitamins and calcium. Strong bones for your teeth to reside in can stop tooth loss. Vitamins and minerals provide your body with all of the nutrients it needs to heal and regrow cells that maintain your teeth.

Poor Health and your Teeth

If you are a smoker or suffer from diabetes, you need to be especially careful concerning the circumstances of your teeth. Diabetics are more inclined to experience loose teeth; if this seems like your circumstances, you will want to check out a periodontist for a mouth examination and to help stop any extra harm.

Smoking greatly boosts the probability of mouth cancer, and even more so if you have been smoking for years. On top of that, years of damage from cigarettes make it more difficult for your mouth to repair if it gets infected or after significant dental work.

You can find out additional information on the subject of dental for seniors topics and other matters affecting aging by going to our website.


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