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Dental problems in Old Ages

Updated on March 10, 2013
dental check
dental check

Many of us give importance to personal care but forget about dental care as a result causing damage to our teeth in older ages. In short we can conclude that while reaching at an age of 40, most of our teeth began to show teeth problems mainly decay, foul smell, shaking and falling of teeth etc.

These are all occurring due to the unawareness of the importance of dental care. Here I am sharing a list of problems that affects tooth and how to overcome this.

1. Diseases that affect teeth during older ages: Disease that affects your body during older ages also affects your teeth. Mainly tooth decay, gum problems, bleeding, periodontis, sensitivity and saliva less problems.

2. Tooth decay: if it is not found initially then mostly pain occurs after the age of 60’s, then the only solution is to remove that tooth.

3. Sensitivity: Most of the people have this problem and is mainly caused due to the enamel erosion by improper brushing. If it is not initially treated it will be difficult to treat at older ages. Sensitivity is occurring at the place where the gum joins the teeth, then there will be a special type of filling material called glass ayanomar is used to protect from it. Now days many Anti-sensitivity toothpastes are available in markets and always brush your teeth in a proper way.

4.Saliva-less problems: Normally Seen during old ages, mainly due to the consumption of Medicines for B.P and Diabetics. This cause root dental carrier and foul smell. This should be overcome by drinking lots of water daily. Nowadays a special type of artificial saliva is available.

5. Diabetics and Gum problems: Now days the most no: of dental care occur due to the diabetics. Smell, blood clotting and shaking of teeth occurs in them. A study report says that one should treat the gum problems properly then he can reduce the dosage of tablets taking for curing diabetes. So Diabetic patients should clean their teeth in every 6 months.

6.When one should place artificial tooth:
Those who can't fill or cover their tooth decay ,then one should consider of placing artificial tooth's.Many options are available now days, one can use bridge type tooth and also one can use implant tooth.

Always remember the importance of dental care which help you to maintain your teeth throughout your life.

Right way of Brushing

proper brushing
proper brushing

10 Tooth brushing mistake:

1.Not using the right tooth brush
2.Not using the right Bristles
3.Not brushing long enough and in a soft manner
4.Improper brushing
5.Each time starting at the same place.
6.Not brushing inner parts of your tooth.
7.Improper rinsing;as it help bacteria to grow in brush
8.Make the tooth brush dry.
9.Daily using of mouth wash
10.Continues use of same tooth brush for long time

Precaution: Many tooth-whitening medicines are available in markets, so first see your dentist and shop wisely.

Make your teeth Healthy

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    • viewfinders profile image

      viewfinders 5 years ago from God's own country(kerala)

      yes ,many of the young one didn't follow the right way of brushing and finally lead to gum problems.

      so i think it is necessary to make them aware about this.

      thus i'm shared with all of you.

      thanks for your valuable comments.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Well advised information for Dental problems in Old Ages, one must take heed to these helpful points thanks

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

      Too bad our kids don't heed our warnings on the importance of caring for their teeth! Then when they get old, they pay the price.

      Very informative Hub. I voted UP, etc.