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Dentistry-Short Cut

Updated on August 15, 2010

Dentistry Around the world-A look

Hello everyone,

I am Dr Moiz,

I am going to write something about dentistry in a very formal, but educative way. As I ave gathered hell amount of knowledge in career planning in the field of dentistry so I decided to write it down for others. I apologise in advance that what I am writing will not be well written in terms of relations on different parts in dentistry.

In other words, what I am going to write is a broad summary of my own months of research in Dentistry. So lets start here

Dentistry in USA(America)

 Well, to be honest, dentistry is America is very difficult as well as a highly paid job. You can earn a hell amount of Money in this field. BUt I must add, its not the money, its the amount of constant hard work and struggle that one has to input in this field in order to become a general dentist.

In some states you need to have a Bachelors Degree before you can get admission in a dental school. You need to pass through a very tough DAT (Dental Admission Test).

Only the cream gets through this. Pheewww!

But thats not over yet. You are not a dentist, until you pass NBDE I and NBDE II and the clinical Part of NBDE before you can apply for a license to practise as a dentist in your State( And I mean only your state, in which you have applied for the licensure exam)

The rules for practising dentistry in different states is different so technically you have to pass the invidual state test to get licensure. Thats a total of approximately 5 years after you get admitted in a dental school.

What do you get after become a dentist?

Well, thats a very nice thing to ask. A dentist in USA can earn from a mere 60,000 $ to around 1,20,000 $ yearly. Some dentist ofcourse can earn more than that , with experience and fame and acknowledgement.


Dentistry in Rest of the world

Well, becoming a dentist in rest of the world is similarly difficult upto the level of getting admission in a dental school. BUt after that its easy. I mean some countries offer a BDS (Bachelors in Dental Surgery) Degree. To get admission in BDS you need to have 12 years of education and clearing the DAT. Well, its tough, but it saves upto 3-5 years in Bachelor requirement as in America,depending on which Bachelors degree you have attained.

But will you be recognized world wide after you get BDS degree??

I am sorry , but the answer is NO. But still in some countries like UAE and Middle Eastern Countries you can apply for licensure once you have 3-5 years of post graduate experience. Thats cool.

The salary ranges from 60,000-80,000 $ yearly.

But on the other hand if you have a DDS/DMD degree of America (Doctor of Dental Surgery) You will be recognized world wide as a King of dentistry,no matter where you go (Except UK, Canada and Australia)

Well, why not these countries as well??

Well I guess they have their own grudges with each other.. Hehe. Am just kidding. Actually, these countries have developed their own standards and dont accept each other standards as enough. Specially, this is the case when you have a degree of USA and wants to practise in UK and vice versa. But overall if you are an American or a British Dentist you dont need to go anywhere else in the world, because you have got ample of facilities to practise dentistry and opportunities to learn and excel in the field by living at the same place where you are.


 In the end I would like you all to pray for the well being of people of Pakistan, which are in desperate need of help and facing the disasters caused by floods.

Thanking you all. Would love to hear some comments!


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