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Dentures vs Implants

Updated on April 20, 2012
Have Dentures really had their day?
Have Dentures really had their day?

As age catches up with us, as it will to all whether currently young or old; we start to notice that our teeth deteriorate and we are likely to also lose a few, especially in our later middle age. It is this period where we start to weigh up the arguments for dentures vs implants. Both have been extensively used and therefore we can objectively compare them in order to make a good decision.

Some, of course, may choose to not replace a missing tooth, especially if it is a rear tooth and well hidden. However, there are problems associated with this approach, specifically bone loss in the jaw which occurs when there is no longer a tooth in that position.

For single missing teeth, most people in one of the West Midlands major cities have opted to have dental implants at a Coventry dental practice that has attained a good reputation. This is a wise approach as it is a straight tooth for tooth replacement. However, for those who have lost several teeth, whilst this will provide an excellent option, it would also prove quite costly and would entail quite a lengthy healing period. For this reason, many people do still opt for dentures despite the fact that they do have a reputation for becoming loose and uncomfortable.

The reason for this is the bone loss in the jaw which was mentioned earlier. It isn't the dentures that have changed but the bone loss which has slightly changed the shape of the patient's face, certainly enough to make the dentures become loose.

The good news though is that dental implants can be used to stabilise dentures and prevent them moving around. This procedure is often referred to as teeth in a day as the whole process from placing the implants themselves to fixing the dentures is done in a single day. The same procedure can also be used to fix a brace too.

Usually 4 implants will be placed into the jaw for this purpose. Two are placed at the front in the usual manner, however, the two at the rear are placed at an angle, somewhere around 45 degrees, depending on the individual. Using these implants to anchor the dentures (or brace) into place will enable the wearer to eat or smile to their heart’s content without worrying about whether they will become loose or even fall out.


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