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Depression Dawa- (Dawa in Hindi is Medication) Hub Writing.

Updated on February 14, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

This Tree is Depressed.

Are you depressed.

How do I know that there is depression that is bothering me.I have seen the picture of the brain of a depressed man and that of a brain of a man who is not depressed and the change is frightening.I am very active with so many hobbies and how can I be depressed.The brain if depressed in my case would be dull and I would not be able to do so many things that I do.When there is nothing to do like power failure at night or if some guests are at home and if they are not my favorite guests I do not speak much and than at that point of time perhaps I get depressed and my mind does not think of proper words to say. I then feel that I must do something to make the guests happy and think of my jokes that would be proper at that moment for the guests to feel more homely.Some times my jokes are not liked which happens rarely It's natural to feel down sometimes, but if that low mood lingers day after day, it could signal depression. Major depression is an episode of sadness or apathy along with other symptoms that lasts at least two consecutive weeks and is severe enough to interrupt daily activities. Depression is not a sign of weakness or a negative personality. It's a problem of health of the individual and needs a change in his life style.If the person is confined to no such activities that would enable him to use his brain he must be out on some games or work that he is busy all the day if not all day at least 6 hours daily.The person should travel if he can by road in his own transport with his companion or in any kind of transport as traveling makes the person extremely busy doing so many activities if it is done in such a manner to make him do all the arrangement properly by himself.However it is not possible to keep traveling all our lives even though some people do it.These persons are not depressed.The only people who get depressed are the lot who have lost something in their life and they would have developed over a period of time chronic depression and they need medication or some alternative system available in Ayurveda. medications are easy but they have side effects.A friend of mine who was under depression due to his financial problems took medication after consulting a psychiatrist and was satisfied as he did not find symptoms of depression but he got in to a addiction for the drug and could not manage with out taking the drug. He soon developed a rabbit chin and it was then he managed to get of the drug very very slowly.However his depression came back.and he had to go to alternate system which was also unsuitable.He then took up Yoga and Ayurveda and he seems happy to some extent in his Yoga and meditation courses which takes his time and I see he is busy with one of the activity or other.When I asked him what he will do when he completes all the couching s he said he will be eligible for other progremmes and that would be a permanent assignment with all facilities like food and a room.I asked him what if hundred persons like you are willing he said there are hundreds already there and if there is no vacancy there will be new projects which require people and even if that is not there they will be sent to its branches all over the world.IS IT POSSIBLE to fake and get in to such places.No way,these people know who is fake by the report given by the person who attends to the fake and the documents that the fake person presents as he gets in to such places.The person who is trying to fake is bound to make a mistake and he will be asked to pack at the earliest with out him ever knowing what they got and how they got what they want.It's easily said than done.The Dava or medicine for depression is according to me, Be Busy.Write a Hub,Take up some work that is useful and may be boring like learning how to write,read and understand the language,Malayalam,OR teaching some ten 3rd standard school children how to read,write and understand English when their mother tongue is Telugu and study in Tamil with English as 2nd language for their study in their syllubus.


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