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Depression Hurts Whom?

Updated on August 4, 2017

Not Singular - It Hurts All of Us

Depression hurts not only the 'victim' (the one who is depressed) but the entire family. It is not a "ME" thing but "ALL OF US". No-one can tell what is actually happening to you (your mind) and if you try to explain, they do not really understand. No-one likes to discuss this particular topic 'Depression' as it is stigmatized. Readers should note that depression is an illness just like cancer, heart disease, hypertension among others. It needs to be managed. It is mostly a stress-related disease that can be blown out of proportion if not addressed properly.

Depression saps your energy and replaces your joy with sadness and hopelessness. All your positives are just suddenly turned into negatives. It is as though your mind starts to play tricks on you. You have a lot of guilt feelings, you harbour a lot of fear and you become suspicious of everything and everyone around you. Your creativity and confidence just seem to vanish and loneliness takes its place.

Time To Visit a Professional

When you become aware of these feelings, it is time to visit your doctor who will take the appropriate steps from there.

Remember! All of your thoughts are real - it does not mean that you are crazy. Your thoughts just keep racing and they race so fast that they can eventually affect your sleep patterns. The wrong persons may tell you, "SNAP OUT OF IT", however, it may not be that easy. This is the reason why there are persons who specialise in this particular area of study. Psychiatry may sound like a fearful word, but IT IS NOT.

Psychologists and psychiatrists work hand in hand, they complement each other. If depression is not severe the afflicted person can be referred to a psychologist, whose first step is to make you feel comfortable and let you know that you are not 'crazy or losing it'. They encoruage you to speak whilst they listen. The psychologist is a neutral person whom you can trust.


Music to Lift You

Guiding Your Train of Thought

The practitioner tries to guide your train of thought which most times appears to be negative and unproductive. An attempt is made to make you feel more self confident. An underlying motive for your sadness and worry is sought. The psychologist may ask you several questions in order to get to the root of the problem. He/she will help you to lift your mood. One utilized form of mental health intervention is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is based on the assumption that most psychological problems are improved by identifying and changing inaccurate and dysfunctional perceptions, thoughts and behaviors. CBT trains people to identify and change their unhealthy thinking habits into better alternatives that promote desirable behavior and eliminate unwanted ones. Whatever affects the mind will eventually affect the body.

Psychiatrists are sought when your thoughts keep racing at a maddening speed, when appetite is affected, when sleep is affected. Medication is then introduced which would quiet the brain, the mind. Persons have different reactions to medication. According to the type of medication, you can suffer from hallucinations. Sometimes you can feel out of control. The trick is to follow the doctor's advice and stick with it for the required time. I believe that there are some medications that can make you feel really ill and weird. Speak to your doctor who will change it to something more suitable.

Never stop the cycle. If you do - it means that you have to start all over again. The terrible feelings will lift maybe after the 2nd or 3rd month. Never give up! Do not let it steal your joy!

Affects Children At The Primary Level

Children at the primary level are being affected more and more daily with depression. Various reasons are given for this - child abuse, pre-disposition, inherited from parents - the list can go on. Whatever are the underlying reasons, pay close attention to your child for the warning signs - sadness, listlessness, loss of apetite, keeping to oneself, lack of socialization, etc. Do not dismiss what the child may be trying to tell you. The child's behavior may become a cause for concern. Please get help for your child before the teenage years step in.

Teenagers usually have a lot of issues to deal with. Parental, peer pressure, school, etc. Their entire physical being is also changing and they cannot even understand what is happening to them. Teenagers tend to blame everybody for everything bad that happens to them. Parents usually get a bad rap. Most times they are the first to get blamed for whatever underlying conditions there may be present. The same approach that is used with small children should be used with teenagers - patience and understanding. Parents are usually told that, they don't understand or can't understand.

It is a Tough World

Sometimes we all wonder if this is what life is really about - trials and tribulations.  It is a tough world but we just got to hang in there.  Let us try to protect and preseve the one life that we have.  Let us remember, Happiness is like a butterfly, which when pursued is always just beyond your grasp, but if you remain still will come and alight upon you.


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    • CARIBQUEEN profile image

      CARIBQUEEN 7 years ago

      I am happy that you approved. There are a lot of people hurting out there. We all can help in some way.

    • v_kahleranderson profile image

      v_kahleranderson 7 years ago from San Jose, California

      Outstanding article, Caribqueen, lots of very good and important information.