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Depression: Tips to Help you Cope

Updated on March 6, 2019

Have you ever been depressed? I know I have. I think everyone at some point will go through phases of depression. It's really not rocket science. It comes down to how you're able to cope with hard times and feelings of pain.

Depression doesn't have to take over your daily lifestyle. Learn some useful information about the illness and how to best deal with its grip on your health and well being.

Today, I will discuss various ways that you can find peace through your suffering. Now let's get started.

Take action against negative feelings.

Since the beginning of mankind millions of people have suffered from depression. It is something humanity have come to terms with. Depression can affect individuals from all walks of life across many different ethnic backgrounds. It is a emotion we all wish to disown but the reality is that it is a real presence in our daily lives. No one can be happy all the time but it doesn't mean you can't try to uplift your spirit.

Life has its challenges. Nothing is excluded from this reality. Brace yourself and soldier your mind. It's the only real cure from depression.

Some of the best ways to deal with this illness is to distract yourself. The more you worry about negative circumstances and the loses of a job or finances, the more you give weight to the problem.

Listening to peaceful instrumentals such as jazz or starting a blog, writing assignment or traveling and reading a great book can really relieve depression. The goal is to block out the negative things that's causing your pain and sadness. For example: if you're going through a difficult break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Go out and meet new people. This way you allow yourself to move forward. Remember, there are more than six billion people on earth so there's no reason to be stuck on one relationship that didn't work out. You're just punishing yourself. If your dealing with marriage problems: consult a counselor on the issue, identify the gap between you and your significant other and find out what's not working. If it's a communication barrier: make the first move. Don't be afraid of failure. You might be able to save your marriage and fix what's making you depress.

If you can't fix a problem. Don't worry about it. Give it to a higher power. Learn to be happy. Why stress yourself over issues that are out of your control? Focus on what you can fix and let everything else work itself out. This way you take the stress off of yourself.

Being alone and taking a break from life obligations, family and friends can also be a way to clear your mind. Treat yourself to some bowling, hiking, skating or swimming. If you're a dare devil do some skiing, bungee jumping or surfing. Take a music class. Learn to play guitar or piano. Allow yourself to have fun. Happiness can easily take the place of depression. It is up to you to make that happen.

If you are depressed and have financial difficulties, find a way to make some extra cash. Start a YouTube channel or pick up a second job. If you're skilled at something: start looking into ways to earn money from your skills. For example: if you're a driver sign up for Uber. Start earning cash taking people places. If you can cook well start offering catering ideas to friends, co-workers and your local church community. If someone you know is having a event. Ask about catering, they may pay you to cook for them: Just put yourself out there.

Self pity will take you no where. Trust me, I know because I have done this myself in my own life. You must create your own peace and happiness. No one can do this for you. Never look back in life. Keep moving forward. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Life struggles affects us all. Remember, you're never alone. We all face similar hardships: focus on recovery and progress not failure and stresses or pain.

Every person has painful experiences just grow from it. Never be bitter. Be better. Work hard. Enjoy your life as much as you can. You owe it to yourself to be happy not depressed.

"The solution to depression is will and progress"-Theblogchick

Feeling awful
Head aches
Crying spells
Chest pain
Lack of focus

Symtoms of depression

Clinical Depression

Clinical Depression is a awful illness that can effect one's ability to be happy. It requires medical therapy and in more extreme cases hospitalization. Individuals who are clinically depressed may be at risk for a host of mental and physical challenges.

How strong are you? Ask yourself this question. Remember, you are the author and finisher of your happiness. Clinical depression can destroy you. Millions of people die every year from suicide and heart attacks. Don't allow yourself to become a victim.

If you're suffering from excessive crying spells, severe head aches, insomnia, irrational thoughts and chronic fatigue syndrome. Go to see a doctor. Mental heath professionals are there to assist you. You might need to take medication before you can start to feel better but push yourself to do what's best for your health. It is never okay to be clinically depressed. It is really a silent killer.

I have taken medicine before for severe depression. It's nothing to be ashamed about. Your goal is to feel better. Give yourself that chance.

Counseling is another way to overcome servere depression. Talking to others with similar life problems will greatly improve your overall health. Remember, we are much more alike than we are different. You never know somebody may have your same story. The struggles of life are universal and transcends race, class and gender. Fight to feel better and more happy. You owe it to yourself and those around you who love and care about your well being.

Life requires a backbone.The world was made by a strong hand. You must adapt to the challenges of life. Renew your strength by sharing your problems with mental health professionals and others. Take the stress off of yourself.

Those with drug problems and alcohol addiction can greatly benefit from counseling. Give it a try and see what happens.

"Remember to change your mind set"

— Theblogchick

Believe in Yourself

You can overcome depression by gaining a little self confidence. It is a real motivator. Don't let negative thoughts prohibit your spiritual growth. The road may be difficult but keep moving forward. You will eventually get there. Take it one day at a time. Avoid distractions at all cost. Be free and built your own unique way around handling stress in your daily life. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

This concludes my article on how to overcome depression. Please, feel free to leave your comments below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

© 2018 Theblogchick


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