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An effort to fight against depression

Updated on February 12, 2017

A Smile is contagious

Smile so that people around you can smile too, and like that a little pain could be reduced
Smile so that people around you can smile too, and like that a little pain could be reduced

Freedom from depression

Life is very simple yet we ourselves often make it very complicated leading us to the darkness of depression. Our needs, desires, greed, expectations, dissatisfaction and ego never let us enjoy the true happiness. Depression is a mental state which is widely being experienced by most of us in today's time and it has many different stages. Sometimes depression is developed due to a disease or an immunity problem which goes away as soon as the problem is cured, but many a time it stays as a cold that won’t go away.

Free yourself and don't be locked in a cage called depression

All of us feel sad and unloved at times. Almost everyone goes through hard times, failures, rejections, breakups and losses. Almost everyone experiences depression as a temporary phase, but the problem occurs when it starts taking over us.

Am I starting to sound boring?

Okay, let us not talk about what depression is and what its types are anymore since we already know about it. What we want and need to know is how to come out of it and hence I came up with a few brilliant ideas to fight with depression and stress, which surely should help one in getting out of this dark and horrible state.

Love Yourself

Love has a strong healing power. Most of the times we get into depression because of feeling unloved by our parents, siblings, friends or someone we are attracted to. If you don't feel loved by anyone else, love yourself. It is an ironic fact that we do love ourselves and that's what makes us want to be loved. Otherwise, why would we feel hurt when not loved back? Then what do we mean by loving yourself? Let me tell you. In the need of being loved by others, we end up having expectations which lead us to disappointments and emptiness which further leads us to depression. We usually make a huge mistake of searching for love externally whereas if we find that feeling of being loved internally it might make a big difference because the more you feel the love inside you the more you will be able to spread love and that's how you will truly feel loved.

Add some music in your life

Music is another best remedy which has a splendid healing power. Music is miraculous. I understand that everyone has different taste in music so I will not ask you to change your taste, but I suggest that you listen to feel good music during this blue mood period, something which can make you flow with it in a happy way, exciting you to dance, smile, laugh or sing loudly. I have a little secret to share. In my case music makes me feel loved and it makes me feel so romantic that I just start blushing. It instantly changes my blue mood to a pinkish one and it may work for you too, so try some happening music and feel the difference.

Make it colorful

Colors are very helpful in keeping the surrounding all happy and peppy and they play a very attractive role in such situations. Colors make direct contact with our brains through our eyes and then take place in our head by replacing grey and black, gloomy web, which makes us feel positive and fresh. So fill some bright colors like pink, yellow, red, purple, fluorescent colors etc. around you. Avoid grey and black if possible. Get your room colored with lively colors, get some flowers, have balloons, paint some smiley on your wall or just decorate your room and house. Simply add some colors in your life and see the magic.

Play with colors and brighten your life

Did you make someone smile?

Don't be limited to your own thoughts or be obsessed with yourself as that won't help since you will get stuck with the same stress and sadness. Try to go out and make someone smile and believe me it will automatically make you smile. Won't it cut a little sorrow inside you? It surely will.

Food Delight

Eat something tempting, something which is your favorite, something which can give you pleasure. Have some chocolates. Believe me, it can make you forget everything and give you the sole happiness and satisfaction.

May be this or that?


Try to open up by sharing your thoughts and feelings. Express yourself through talking, writing, drawing, etc. The more you express, the more you clear the web and a burden in your brain and the less you feel congested.

Be wise about choosing a company

Won't it make it worse if you get stuck with same surroundings and similar kind of talks all the time? How can it make you feel better? You cannot come out of depression if it is the only thing you talk and think about. You need someone who can understand you and your problems, who can listen to you and instead of making it more sorrowful for you by keeping you in the same atmosphere, makes it lighter for you.

You need someone who has a good sense of humor, who can make you laugh, who can find solutions that can get you out of depression, who can make you do the activities, who can take you out in the fresh air, who can dance with you, who not just listens or understands you, but at the same time tells you a solution or shares his/her own experience that how he/she found a solution in similar kind of situations, if any. You need that someone who can help you to get out of this zone. It could be anyone - your parent, brother, sister, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend or a teacher, with whom you can open up easily.

How about some cartoon show or an animated movie?

I don't find today's cartoon shows worthy as they are not cute like those back in time, so I would not recommend them. Going back to the old-time cartoon shows like the Tom and Jerry show, Popeye, Loony Tunes, Road Runner, etc. is highly recommended. Get yourself to dive into a kid zone as cartoons could be your good friends. Watch some animated movies as they are fun to watch and are really good for health.

Do you remember the Scooby song?

"Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you We've got some work to do now Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you We need some help from you now"

I just love this song as most of us do, but my most favorite one is Bugs Bunny. He is naughty, smart, witty, funny and so cute. Isn't he?

Give yourself a purpose

Get yourself engaged in doing things which can make you not think about the stuff which troubles you and gets you distracted. Make a list of things you love to do and which make you feel happier. It could be anything like painting, singing, writing, drawing, dancing and the list goes on.

Whenever you are in a good mood, think of your aim/goal, what you love to do and not what you're expected to, and work on that.Think positive and do positive.

An effortless effort to have a peaceful life


During meditation, one needs to focus on his/her breathing. You can use meditation music for the soothing atmosphere or simply sit on the seashore and watch the waves. With meditation, you can feel the calmness and become stress-free. Meditation helps you to see clearly and think straight and positive.

The least you expect the more you stay happy

Keep the ratio of your expectations low to stay happy because no expectations mean no disappointments.

Help one who needs you

If you go out and see around, you will see that there are many who need you even though they don't say it directly to you. If you help those who actually need you then your disappointment of not being needed will be over and you will feel needed as never before.


Travel whenever you get a chance. Plan small trips or go on an unplanned trip. Travelling makes us meet ourselves, makes us free and that's what we need - the "Freedom".


Exercise doesn't just strengthen our body. but also strengthens our mind. It helps to reduce our stress and energize our brain. Add some Yoga and breathing control, walk, jog or just dance to catch the right rhythm of life

Comedy is a source for laughter

Heartfelt belly laughter can throw all our pain out in the form of tears and can awaken all our dead senses. So, watch some comedy movies or go for a stand-up comedy show and laugh a lot.

Use some hugs to feel better

A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart.
A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart.

In the end, it's all about a happy soul

You don't need to hide that you're depressed since it's nothing to be ashamed of. Don't let it overtake your happiness and don't let it make your soul suffocated. All you need to learn is to pull yourself out of it. We need to color our sadistic inner world, we need to be heard and understood and we need a hand which can pull us out. One positive approach can make all the difference for us. Let us start making our own world beautiful and help others making theirs.

Would you like to share?

What do you do to help yourself when in depression?

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Fly high with balloons

© 2016 Divya Merh


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    • Divya Merh profile imageAUTHOR

      Divya Merh 

      2 years ago

      Thank you Sreenath for liking my hub also for sharing your point of view. These are the little things which I included here in my article, but they are very effective, sometimes the little things matter more. I just hope that my effort may help as many as possible.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      You covered some great points about coming out of depression. The bottom line is that everybody has hormones that make one happy so the key to getting out of depression is to get your happy hormones out by spending time with people/friends and not stay lonely :)


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