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Depressed?Proven methods to help live through It.

Updated on November 29, 2016

Getting Through Depression

This is How Depression Feels

How does depression feel? It feels as if something has wrapped its arms tightly around you, and knock the air out of you. You have become its prisoner. Your body feels like lead. Mobility is next to impossible. There are times tears will flow down your face, while other times they become glued to the back of your eyeballs. Talking with others is a challenge. If you must communicate with others, the best you can do is to respond in short sentences. You are not able to pay attention to conversations. The day can be sunny, over-cast, and rainy or any combination of weather, it doesn’t matter. In your mind and body, it is cloudy and very dark. Bed is your haven, for retreating from the world is all you want.

Depression hurts, yet the world is waiting for you.

You know you cannot retreat to your cave right now. You have work to do, and others are counting on you. You force yourself to start the day. As you prepare others and yourself, it seems that every task has become a hardship. From past experiences, you know informing others you are depressed doesn’t accomplish a thing. Work does not care. Your family doesn’t comprehend. All you can do is to move through this depressed state, and enter the needs of living.

Depression and You

Do you suffer from depression on a regular bases?

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Treating Yourself Well through Depression

Points on getting through depression

- You need to create a structure schedule

- You need to find time to play

- You need to exercise

- You need to feed your mind and body with healthy foods

How to Live with Depression

This article is for minor and chemical depression. I have suffered from the latter. When depression hits, we must pay attention. First you must assess the reason for the depression. Second you must analyze if it calls for medical help. Then you must work at getting through this depression for each day, until it liberates you. The following suggestions can be used for those who are clinically depressed or not. The only difference is one is using medicine to aid them, and the other is not.

Always remember depression will eventually fade away

When depression hits, we feel doomed. Will it last for a few days or longer? We pray it will only last a short time. Depression is the tormenting of suffering and anguish through every waking minute. If you have frequent bouts with depression, it is smart to be prepared for its next arrival. If you are reading this now, and find yourself in the dreaded hold of depression this can also assist you.

Happy times are important. It is these memories that can shield us from the grips of this depression. Find a box to store pictures of special moments and mementos. Put them away, and take them out when depression first arrives. If you are in an episode now, seek out these pictures and put into a box. This you can store away for another day, when you are done enjoying them. It will help you to focus. Focusing is so important when in the thrones of depression. The purpose of this box. A reminder that depression does fade away. There is proof in that box. Other good times will come again for you.

Note: After losing all my possessions, memories of my late husband, I was relieved to find these pictures still on Facebook. I now store all my pictures there and on the cloud. It helps. I also have learned to create online collages with them. This action lifts depression for a bit.

Structure is a must. This has been my saving grace. I had it mapped out for all degrees of depression. I had to learn how to micromanage myself, especially since I am living alone. I learned I had to continue moving throughout my day. I made lists, which was pivotal to walking through depression. You must complete this list, before your day is over. I would suggest to keep it simple, and not too long. Your list will structure your day. When you have finished, you are left feeling better about yourself.

Daily grooming and nutrition are two areas that are vital. Do shower or bath daily or every other day. This can be done as a sacred get away time for yourself. Plus, smelling clean, and having your hair brushed has benefits in aiding us to feel a little better. Nutrition is not something to overlook. In depression, you might want to reach out for that comfort food, but it often makes you feel worse. Opt for fruit versus that cookie, or water with fruit in it, instead of that beer. In the arms of depression, eating might not be a desire of yours. Nothing sounds good, and it seems more like a chore. Keep simple easy healthy foods around so you can graze throughout the day. You need to feed your body, so it can keep it strength.

Sleep is necessary. Napping is productive, so if you can manage to take a nap or two during the day, do it. If you can manage a peaceful hour to yourself prior bed, take it. if not, take at least five minutes. During this period, I want you to applaud yourself. Look at your achievements. Make your list for the next day. You might wish to keep lights low, or use candles. You will want to consider avoiding the news and any type of drama movie or TV that makes your heart race. Quiet soft music is a great alternative. People suggest to stay away from the sad songs. I do understand the reasoning behind it, for it can make you sadder. It though can help you cry, which is beneficial to those who are having trouble shedding tears

Adjusting yours to do list. If you are severally depressed, pick three things to do for each day, until you are feeling better. Do not make a foot-long list, for this is self-sabotaging. You do not wish to take that road. When I am in a steep depression I do this list: Make my bed. Take a shower. Write in my journal. It doesn’t matter when I do it, just that I do get it done each day. I will adjust when the depression lifts.

Road to Healing

Caroline Myss is one person whose material has been of great aid to me, as I fought to get back on the road to healing. I highly recommend her.

Why People Don't Heal?

Your rights

Your Rights as a Depressed Person


You do have rights as a depressed person. I am not speaking of legal rights, but personal rights. You have the right to limit conversations. If you find it hard to carry on a two- way conversation, you have the right to keep it short. You have the right to tell the person or persons you are not able to contribute to conversations right now. That you will get a hold of them, when this depression exits. These statements you just read will empower you. It is not being selfish. It doesn’t lessen your ability to be a good friend, parent, child or lover. You are honoring yourself.

You are permitted to enter your cave. You have the right to withdraw from people, if the need is there. Depression hurts, which means you are more sensitive to talk, light and noise. During depression, it is hard to function with these things. These reasons drive us to becoming cave dwellers. It is best to explain this, when you are not depressed. This helps others to understand what is happening inside you.

You have the right to not answer your phone. It is your life, so if the phone rings you have a choice. It might be a positive gesture to inform your friends and family that you are not up to talking, and if you really need them you will call them. It is your right to reach out or not, and do so only to those who can listen.

Listening is something most people do not know how to do, when a person is depressed. They want to have a two-way conversation. This is understandable, yet during times of depression it is not an easy task. A good listener will just let you talk, until you are spent out. They will not bring up their day, their problems or even their joy. They know you just need someone who can simply listen. A depressed person is all about them at that time. When in the claws of depression, it is wonderful to speak with someone who will only focus on you. Their questions or statements are to help you in feeling enveloped with love. This seldom happens with family and friends, but if you do have one or two that can listen, you are blessed. A therapist is another alternative, and one I highly suggest.

Depression flows out of your life eventually

My Chemical Depression does not rule my Life anymore.

Depression still filters through my life at times, but it has released its strong hold on me. This has surprised me. Sadness has taken its place. Does depression leave? I believe it has with me. I still get bouts of it, but not that deep penetrating kind that froze me for lengthy periods of time. I credit both micro-managing, and daily structure in creating this difference. By doing both, I noticed I started to gain wins. Winning in achieving goals became important. I want to experience that sensation of achieving a goal. I contribute this too making sure I completed my list every day. At first, there were three items on it. Down the road, I added more. Success fed my self-worth. My chemical depression doesn’t seem to rule my life any more. I have also learned to utilize it, when it is on the rise. Being a writer, I would write more. Now, sadness seems to rise in me, and it is understandable. I still use micro-managing myself and setting structure. I stopped using depressing and sadness as an excuse to not do. I became a doer.

I hope for those who are suffering from depression that the ideas in the hub will be of aid to you. I know you hurt. Depression hurts, but it will not live in you forever. One day, you will be released.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      Easyspirituality, great hub. I am now following you. We do seem to be on the same page.

    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you easyspirituality for stopping by and leaving a comment. I glanced at the link, and go back later to explore. Have to have my coffee first.

      Again, thank you very much



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