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Depression and natural cures

Updated on May 6, 2012

Depression is an illness and many people will and should agree on that. It is an ever growing disease in populace of all developed countries and countries in development. Getting through depression is tough, and there are many kinds of drugs that can help with obtaining bodily chemistry to a level that at least psychotherapy and talking about depression can help a little bit.

The featured hub about natural remedies is not about some special cure-all that can help you overcome depressed state since I believe that existential anxiety and poor willpower are things that you need to be overcoming constantly, battling with it all the time. The answers are not simple at all. But, the initial help with serious cases needs to be given from the outside, by a trained professional or by the use of drugs. This hub will provide some information on the possible natural remedies for depression.

St. John’s Wort: While American doctors were putting their trust in Prozac, German doctors turned to nature, and started using St. John`s Wort (Hypericum perforatum). How do you use that plant for treating depression? First of all, you sink yellow flowers in plant oil and leave them there for a couple of weeks, until it gets red color, which contains an active component. Even the old Greeks were using St. John’s Wort for treating numerous diseases and they even thought it can banish the devil! At the beginning of 20th century it was used for neurologic diseases. Testing it on over 2000 patients has shown that it is a safe and efficient cure for depression. A fact that is very important is that it possesses just a few tiny unwanted effects, and today it can be purchased in every herbal store. Yellow color has something to do with curing depression, many substances found in nature that are of clear yellow color do help with this illness. The next one might sound a little odd, but it is effective.

And that will be...

Citrine gemstone: If you believe in crystalotherapy, which is a relatively ancient but recently rediscovered method of healing, then citrine gemstone will be perfect for curing the depressive state. The story about crystals is more complex and it is still not officially approved by the major part of scientific community, but there are serious researchers and quantum physicists who are in favor of this theory. Now, citrine gemstone is amongst new agers and people who hang out with them associated with wealth, money, abundance, security and openness to the Universe. Some people mishear the second part of the story and start thinking that, if they buy a citrine gemstone or a geode, it will instantly attract money to them, so why not invest – a few hundred dollars for a citrine geode for a lifetime of material abundance – seems like a good deal. But, no. There is much more to this stone then just attracting money – there is no alchemist hidden inside that will turn lead into gold for you. You need to work with it yourself, and citrine will help you embrace your position in the universe because it works with your 7-th chakra (in the chakra system, 7-th is the highest, if it is open then you are open to the universe). Depression is also associated with that chakra – if it is closed, then you will not be able to receive any information from your higher self and will be drowned in some kind of metaphysical mud. So, citrine helps balance your highest chakra and your trust in the universe. Be aware though: citrine is expensive on the market and his price is growing – maybe because a lot of people buy it because they think it will give them money back, but it is not the case. And that’s why a lot of other people, for example salesmen, make fake citrines and that does put money into their pockets. A proper citrine is of golden yellow color and transparent, or if it is a bigger part it will be white on one end and golden yellow on the other. In any case, you will not make a mistake if you buy a geode, but beware of salesmen that want to misuse your lack of knowledge and sell it for abnormal prices!

Morita method: This is a method that may be the most natural of all. It originated in Japan, and it is ideal for patients who suffer from obsessive disorders and anxiety, but it helps with depression also. Morita therapy tries to teach the patient about the nature of his disease. It is a very rigorous regime which lasts for one or two months and has four levels. During the first phase the patient needs to stay lying in bed for 10 days. It is not allowed to talk or to watch television, but of course they are allowed use the toilet and eat. The doctor does not talk with them but he takes notes. The only obligation the patient has is to write about his feelings once a day. During the second phase, they can stand up from the bed and walk a little bit through the garden and yard, they can even talk to others, but not about their illness. Then they transit to the third phase which consists of some hard work and lasts for one-two weeks. Then the phase of rehabilitation takes place and they start to reintegrate into society and their workplace. It is considered that this method is completely in tune with nature and it really is very successful.

Those were some of the methods for curing depression that are natural and not harmful in any way. However, there are more of those who come from the East, as is ayurvedic method, acupressure and acupuncture, and good doctors consider that a depressed patient has right to imply those methods along with regular treatment because doing otherwise would mean disrespecting patient’s personality and that might worsen the disease. Light therapy might also help, and psychotherapy should always be advised, but only to patients who are not in very deep depression.


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