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Deprogramming Has It's Benetits

Updated on September 7, 2009

Deprogramming Has It's Benefits


Deprogramming Has it's Benefits

These people are forbidden to do or say anything directly to us. They have to insult/slap or otherwise abuse one of their own kind or themselves to psychologically-torment us. When you have learned to stay detached from the "scene" and down in your "reality-interpretation center".....what you see and hear resembles a badly-acted movie (the only thing that still bothers me is when they hit their own children to "send me a message"). These people are "tuned in" to a frequency that INVERTS REALITY. They have been sucked out of the REAL WORLD and into a fake reality that spreads sort of like a disease. Because so many people are trapped in this "electronic reality", the real world seems to have vanished........leaving us in some sort of weird Purgatory where each "bad" thought or action results in these people doing a play for us.

When you have done enough THINKING FOR YOURSELF, none of these "plays" hurt you because you see them with your OWN the world begins to look normal again. The LESS TELEVISION YOU WATCH, THE MORE OF YOUR BRAIN YOU GET BACK. I've noticed this was Hell, so I stopped watching television and everything became easier again. Each minute you spend in front of that cursed thing is like letting someone into your "house"(mind) and letting them re-arrange the furniture. It takes a few weeks, then you notice that YOU have control back. When you are near it, you feel it's foreign crap trying to actively breach your minds natural boundaries. What it's doing is programming you so that you can become entangled in this "song and dance" everyone is doing instead of thinking your own thoughts.

Find something to STUDY(an actual textbook and not anything you would buy at a book-store). Learning makes this "bad acting reality" lose it's hold on you. It can be anything..........I find that studying technical manuals on Ultrasound clears out "The Unreal World". Writing, too..........anything that makes you USE your mind will save it from getting lost in this "disinformation flood" that has drowned-out the thinking-ability of most Americans. When my life gets bad, it's because I've been having too much MINDLESS FUN. The dumber I act the dumber I get. I've been so intellectually-hobbled that my IQ probably had been reduced to 80 or so. Fortunately, the more thinking you do makes you more ABLE to think way faster than it did 20 years ago. The road to HIGHER THINKING has been sped up............and unfortunately so has the road to LOWER THINKING (ending with your mind getting hijacked just like a computer!)

We either evolve FORWARDS really fast or we DEVOLVE (become more lke animals) really fast in this world. The people we would normally see running, shouting and having a really good time have all been trapped through constant bombardment of programming from things we find MINDLESSLY ENTERTAINING. The television pre-sets your reality-testing all you go out to have fun and get "eaten" by this predatory group of "dog people". Something pulls your eyes towards things that evoke a mental-response in you because of subliminal-programming you received while watching television. Typically, you've been set up to see things in a certain order or "combination" to make you "freak out" and lose your mind. The path away from intelligence leads to mental-slavery AND get that mind thinking for itself and AVOID THOSE PROGRAMMING INFLUENCES!


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