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Designer Fashion Diaper Bags

Updated on February 28, 2013

Although you enjoy being a mom, sometimes you don't want to look like a mom. When you hear the word, "diaper bag," an image comes to mind of a run down women with baggy eyes, greasy hair in a messy ponytail with a polyester yellow bag printed mini-animal images and a bottle sitting in the side pocket. Well, this vision does not have to be you. You can still be a mom and still be fashionable and feel great. And this includes your diaper bag.

All the major fashion designers make diaper bags, including, Gucci, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Armani, Prada and, my personal favorite, Kate Spade. Other designers that also make fashionable and trendy diaper bags are Petunia Pickle Bottom, Coach and Stoksak.

Where to Buy Designer Diaper Bags

Be careful when buying diaper bags online from places such as Ebay or from third-party sellers on Amazon. Unless you are confident that you know the difference between the knock-off's and the real thing, I would avoid buying from these avenues. Sometimes you can find great deals on Ebay, just be sure that you are purchasing from sellers that have lots of positive reviews and a generous return policy, just in case you have any problems.

Department stores that sell designer diaper bags are Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. You can also check each designer store directly, such as Coach, Kate Spade and Juicy Couture.

Posh Tots has a website where you can search for any kind of diaper bag you want. They even have diaper bags for dad.

  • Kate Spade New York: Kate Spade always have a variety of diaper bags to choose from.

  • MARC by Marc Jacobs: Diaper bags by MARC by Marc Jacobs are durable and are made with an easy-to-clean nylon.

  • Petunia Pickle Bottom: I love diaper bags by Pentunia Pickle Bottom. Because they focus on baby products, you'll have a much larger selection of diaper bags from Petunia Pickle Bottom than from other designers. Their diaper bags are intelligently designed, practical and oh-so-adorable. In addition, these diaper bags are high-quality and durable. You can find diaper bags by Petunia Pickle Bottom at Nordstrom or directly from the company at

  • Posh Tots: At Posh Tots, you can shop for diaper bags by season or by style. Any type or style of diaper bag that you want can be found on Posh Tots. The brands sold on Posh Tots are DadGear, Diaper Dude, JP Lizzy, Kalencom, Oi Oi, Petunia Pickle Bottom and Storksak.

  • Storksak: Bags by Storksak are specifically made to meet your diapering and baby care needs. They are durable and washable.

  • Danzo Baby: Danzo Baby is another brand that is targeted specifically for diapering needs.

  • Ju-Ju-Be: Ju-Ju-Be diapers bags are known for bright colors are patterns. Ju-Ju-Be has 5 different styles of diaper bags to fit your needs. Choose one of these bags if you really want to stand out. They also make backpack style diaper bags, which can be more comfortable and easier to carry than the traditional shoulder sling diaper bag.

  • Diaper Dude: Let's not forget about all the dads out there who need to use diaper bags as well. Diaper bags by Diaper Dude are specifically made for dads, with styles that he will be comfortable wearing around town.

  • OiOi Carryall: The OiOi Carryall diaper bag does what it says, it can carry it all.

  • Skip Hop Grand Central: The Skip Hop Grand Central diaper bag received the highest customer reviews on It's worth taking a look.

Now go have fun shopping for your new diaper bag!


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