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Desmond Amofah AKA Etika and Suicide

Updated on June 25, 2019

Desmond Amofah AKA Etika

Desmon, a popular YouTuber known as Etika recently went missing on the 20th of June. Unfortunately last night his body was found. It was just last week that he uploaded a video titled ‘I’m sorry’ and he discussed his mental health and feeling suicidal. The video is basically a suicide note, he is saying sorry and his goodbyes to everyone.

A lot of people were already worried about his mental health back in October of 2018 because he made references to suicide on Reddit but later claimed he was just being over-dramatic.

April this year he tweeted out a few suicidal tweets, some have been deleted but this all ended with police going to his house and taking him to the hospital to be assessed by health professionals for mental illness. Later that month he live-streamed being detained by police for self-destructive behavior. And again in May had another hospital visit.

Now here we are in June. He uploaded the ‘I’m sorry’ video last week and after it was posted no one could get in contact with him. He went missing and nearly a week after that his body was found in a river. The video was recently taken down by YouTube. A lot of people are asking for it to be restored as they are his final words and a lot of us think it should not be deleted. They are also asking for his first YouTube channel to be restored so his legacy will live on.

He was a talented 29-year-old, but he didn't get the help he needed which is unfortunate. He left his mark on this world. May he rest in peace.

Suicide prevention - warning signs

What is important about knowing all of this is that mental health is a real thing. Desmond was crying out for help for months, maybe even longer than that and unfortunately he took it into his own hands and ended things. We all need to be more aware of this type of thing.

It has been said over and over again, so how many suicides does the world need to see before we start making big changes? Suicide isn’t about wanting to die, it’s about stopping the pain they feel, it’s an attempt to escape the hurt. We need to learn to recognise the warning signs and help prevent this sort of thing.

First off don't be scared to bring up suicide if you think someone is having those types of thoughts. Get the conversation going, it is a step in the right direction if you are trying to help someone who is struggling.

Expressing suicidal thoughts, even if you're unsure whether they mean it or not they should be taken seriously.

Changes in behaviour such as past suicidal behaviour, alcohol or drug abuse, withdrawal from people, emotional outburst, mood swings, easily irritable, self-harm.

Expressing feelings of hopelessness, feeling stuck, disconnect, helplessness, loneliness, worthlessness, feeling like a burden.

If you are aware of any changes, please reach out and help them, whether that means setting up an appointment with a doctor, counselor or some mental health professional. Intervene, be someone who shines a light on a better path to a happier life, because when someone is in a dark place they can't see a way out, so be that helping hand for them.


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