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Detours, Delays and Snails

Updated on October 2, 2013
Delay or Detour Ahead
Delay or Detour Ahead | Source

Good Morning?

"Ok, God what are you trying to tell me" I said to myself as I sat down in the chair on my patio.
The morning had been very hectic and it was barely 8:00 am. What a way to start a day I thought!

Getting my grand-son up and off to school on time had been an extra challenge today. He had gotten up late and wasn't in the mood to hurry to make up the time. Frustration led to anger for both of us causing the drive to school to be full of unpleasant conversation. Plus, further delays caused by traffic and road work, made it a morning that wasn't very "good" in my mind.

Snail Visitor
Snail Visitor | Source

Doorway Visitor

Now, back at home, as I put the key into my front door I looked up to see a big snail right in front of my eyes!

How did he get there I think ?

I back off and sit down to consider what to do with this doorway visitor and I ask God just what He is trying to tell me in all these morning events.

Slow Down

Lately, as I have tried to avoid delays in traffic, I have been sent on detours which always seem to take up more time. Now, today, my grand-son's late start caused another delay. Was God trying to tell me I needed to slow down? Is that why He sent this snail to camp out on my doorpost?

I think so....

Exhausted from the events of this day that had just begun, I sit for a moment and just look at this wondrous work of God--the snail. He is in no hurry to get anywhere, he seems very content to just sit, but for what purpose? Why he is there in my path? Why is he hanging out on my doorway?

Perhaps it is to remind me of the article I wrote not too long ago on snails. The title was "Astonishing Works" and it was about how astonishing snails are. I had said that they reminded me of perseverance, of the steady persistence to move forward no matter what might be in my path. Was Mr. Snail's presence meant to encourage me to continue moving forward even if I might experience delays and detours? I think so, as earlier this morning I had been tempted to just give up on this forward movement and go back to bed, so I wouldn't have to deal with any obstacles that might be in my path.

Slow Down-Enjoy Life
Slow Down-Enjoy Life | Source

Enjoy the Journey

As I carefully remove the snail from my door and place him in a safe, yet more distant place, I thank God, for this wondrous work He created and for using him to speak to me today about perseverance and moving forward no matter what the obstacles might be.

Just then I receive a text on my phone. It is from my grand-son, apologizing for his lateness this morning and saying he is sorry for being so argumentative. It's okay, I reply. I forgive you and God has it all under control.

I feel renewed, and once again I am committed to keep moving forward, to persevere in spite of obstacles in my path, and if my progress is slow, I will do my best to just be still and enjoy the journey.

"Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast--you also miss the sense of where you are going and why. " --Eddie Cantor

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