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Detox Before you Turn Toxic

Updated on September 2, 2013

Are you feeling run down and bloated? Does that marathon you run everyday feel like an uphill battle? If it does, you are in need of serious detoxification. You may have pushed your poor body to the limits either with binge eating, a night out drinking… maybe your obsession of weird food combination has upset your digestive system so much it is now declaring war on your skin.

So what is the solution? The best thing to do is to go back to your natural state and by this I mean fruit and vegetables. Remember those days when your parents would shout, “Eat your vegetables, they’re good for you!” Well, it’s about time you start listening to your folks and put down that burger, step away from that beer and start your road towards health and detoxification.

Drink your way to health

Every day is such a hustle and bustle sometimes we don’t even get the time to prepare a decent and healthy lunch, so what do we do? We grab the nearest sugary energy bar and head out. That won’t do you any good! What you can do instead is dedicate no more than 10 minutes to whip up a detoxifying and delicious smoothie to drink on the go.

‘Good Morning’ Berry Smoothie

For a ‘Good Morning’ berry smoothie you will need:

2 cups – mixed frozen berries

1 cup- unsweetened pomegranate juice

1 cup- water


Pour all your ingredients in the blender jug and, as easy as eating a banana, blend all the goodness until smooth. Transfer it in your bottle or, if you did this overnight, pop it in the fridge for the next morning rush.

‘Glowing Green’ Smoothie

For a ‘Glowing Green’ smoothie by Kimberly Snyder you will need:

1 and a half cup water

1 head organic romaine lettuce, chopped

3-4 stalks organic celery

½ head of a large bunch or ¾ of a small bunch of spinach

1 organic apple, cored and chopped

1 organic pear, cored and chopped

½ of organic lemon juice

Blend all the ingredients together at high speed until smooth. This amazing smoothie is great for weight loss as well as detoxing; the blended veg and fruit are easily digested and your body is able to absorb all vitamins and minerals without having to hit the gym.

For those who can’t stomach the feeling of drinking your food and would rather have something to chew, that’s okay! Mother Nature has blessed us with millions of orchards bursting with colorful fruit and delicious veggies – from root to the tip, these super foods are rich in the ‘good stuff’. Without further ado, I give you the delectable detoxifying remedies:

How to prevent the belly bloat: Belly bloat is not the prettiest topics but it’s something everyone goes through. This discomfort is caused by a diet consisting of junk food and acidic drinks, fatty foods and for the lactose intolerant, dairy products. So what can be done to ease this horrible feeling?

Drink: Peppermint tea helps soothe irritated bowels and fights against flatulence and colic. This is good news for those of you with babies suffering from colic. Peppermint tea also helps with heartburn and relieves dreaded indigestion. The best way to drink it is hot, but be careful of burning your tongue off!

5 Delicious Detox Foods

Okay, so you’ve had your minty tea, now let’s get on to the food. You should really head off to your nearest market once you have read this. Clear out that junk food cupboard and turn it into a healthy pantry.


You can never go wrong with trusty old beets. These luscious red vegetables are loaded with vitamins B3, B6, C and beta-carotene; they are also a valuable source for iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. So how does it help?

Beetroot supports the gall bladder and liver, organs important for breaking down and removing toxins. You can eat them raw or, if you want a bit of spice in your life bake delicious beetroot brownies. Watch this video to learn how to make delicious beetroot brownies


Before you burst out laughing at this outrageous suggestion, hear me out. These may be considered a weed by garden owners but in reality dainty dandelions carry several healing properties for the liver, a major organ when it comes to detoxing. Even Ripley would believe it.

This is not a new discovery; for hundreds of years our ancestors have used this plant to help heal their ailing livers but even if your liver is healthy, you can still strengthen it. Add them to your smoothie, sprinkle them on salads or soak them up in honey. Watch this charming video on how to make dandelions ‘dande-delicious’!


While it’s good for keeping bloodsuckers away with stinky breath, it is greater as a detox food. A popular choice for any detox diet, garlic boosts your immune system and helps the liver. It also contains germanium, which is known to cleanse deep tissue.Not only is this food really helpful for your detox, it also adds that extra oomph to any dish!


If you have problem with your digestive system, ginger is the ‘root’ you should take. Adding ginger to your diet will help reduce feelings of nausea, reduce gas, kill the bloat and improve your digestion. Just like its garlic, ginger will boost your immune system as it is packed with antioxidants.

If you want to enjoy this awesome superfood in unusual ways, sip on ginger tea, or follow and drool over his amazing ginger whoopie pies.


When life hands you lemons, say thank you and begin munching into those sour beauties. This beautiful yellow fruit stimulates the release of enzymes and helps convert toxins into a water-soluble form that can be easily removed from the body.

By drinking lemon water (alkaline) in the morning you are balancing out the acidity in the food you have consumed. You may pull your face when sucking lemons but it is good for you! It can also be pretty cute – see how these babies react when sucking on lemons for the first time.

Detoxifying your body will make you feel better about yourself inside and out. So when next you see a greasy burger, think of how that’s going to feel in a few hours when the bloating and stomach cramps set in. Remember, your body is not a garbage can it is a machine keeping you alive; so treat it with respect and regularly give it a good detox scrub.


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