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Detox Diets For Weight Loss

Updated on December 1, 2010

Natural Body Detox Diets

What are detox diets, and more importantly, why should you care? Detox (or detoxification) diets are one of the most popular alternative medicine diet systems around today. The philosophy and science of these diets is to purify the body from harmful toxins that we pick up (usually in the forms of hormones, additives, colorants and poisons) from ingesting mass-produced, processed food and drink. This kind of diet emphasizes the importance of health over convenience. Weight loss, energy and feeling better will result from balancing a healthy detox diet, or so is claimed!

But how real are these promises, and can these results be sustained? If so, how do we go about constructing a natural detox diet which is beneficial to us in the long term and is grounded not only in hearsay, but in science as well? These are the questions that this article will attempt to answer with honesty. Keep reading!

How long will it last?

As long as you like. Many detox diets last no longer than 3-4 days! But other diets can be sustained in the mid term and long term as well. There are variations for almost any objective you may have.

The Dangers and Myths

The gray area of alternative medicine tends to ring alarm bells for many people. Just because something is natural, you may think, does not mean it is always beneficial -- and of course you'd be absolutely right, detox diets are certainly no exception to this truism.

A change in diet will always have a series of initial side-effects, any may be counter-productive for some people, including kidney patients, pregnant women, the presence of anemia, thyroid complications and more. This is not detox diet specific, however.

With regards to detox diets themselves, the most common side-effects arise (ironically) from the withdrawal of several toxins from you system (such as caffeine) and may trigger headaches, dehydration and diarrhea. Thus it is generally urged to gradually enter a detox diet rather than abruptly change your diet.

The main dangers of a detox diet lie in several strict variations of it, such as fasting (an example would be juice fasting). These are inherently dangerous for many illnesses and people and should be attempted only under supervision.

Detox Diets For Weight Loss

Detox diets for weight loss can initially seem a little confusing, after-all, don't these diets have an entirely different objective? One thing I love about these kinds of diets is that, applied with moderation, they have a singular beneficial two-in-one effect that both cleanses and sculpts the body. Because most of us tend to pile on the pounds ingesting trash (I can be blunt!) eliminating these facets of our daily diet can lead to significant sustained weight loss as well as a marked improvement in general health.

One such diet composed by a dietitian named Juliette Kellow (link above) advocates a simple yet relaxed diet that spans seven days, rather than the shock therapy of a three day fast, which may do more harm than good. Here is a brief break-down of allowable foods.

Sample Food Chart For Detox

Bad Food
Good Food
Fruit + Juice
Processed Foods
Excess Salt
Fresh Fish
Balsamic Vinegar
Black Pepper
Red Meat
For more information please visit:


How much weight will you lose? Well, it all depends on how well you keep to the diet, and what form of detox diet you opt for. In the case of juice and vegetable fasting, where the main source of vitamins and food are liquids, you can lose as much as a pound a day, but over a short period of time. Attempting to sustain a fast will lead to health complications.

A diet such as Juliettes can be sustained over time but will halve the amount of weight you will burn. If you come from an unhealthy diet regime, you can nevertheless expect substantial weight loss in the mid and long term. 

Have you ever tried a detox diet?

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    • profile image

      DoorMattnomore 6 years ago

      I wish I could vote more then once, as I have tried a few different detoxes, and had varied results. The best results I've had came from cutting out refined sugars and grains, alcohol, and eating more raw whole foods. Plus, I got a juicer and try to have a big glass of fresh juice every morning. It's done wonders for my sense of well being. I enjoyed your hub, and I like that you stress going gradually.