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The Ultimate Secret About Raw Food Diet Plan - Enzyme - the Detoxing Element

Updated on August 30, 2012

Enzyme detox is not a new concept, but I realize that it is still not as widely spread as other diet plans, which I personally find it a pity. Enzyme is a basic but very important element in improving digestive and detoxing function in human body. It is nothing difficult to practice but very effective in removing long term toxic in our body and in turn benefits us from internal digestion to external body figure.

Below are the facts and concepts of enzyme detox diet to help you understand more.

What is Enzyme?

Enzyme is an element that is needed for the digestive system to work. They are capable of breaking down food particles, digesting carbohydrates, protein and fats. Human body produces around 22 different digestive enzymes while external enzymes are mainly consumed from food.

Why We need Enzyme?

Since enzyme is essential to a good digestive system, a low level of enzyme can cause poor detoxification in our body, which is related to skin quality, bad breath, tiredness, constipation, belly problem as well as food allergies.

Where to get Enzyme?

Human body produces its own enzyme, however, the ability in producing digestive enzymes decrease with increase age.

The natural external source for enzyme is the richest in raw food. Food such as grains, legumes and sprouted seeds are especially high in enzyme.

There are also enzymes supplement tablets and drinks available in the market. Before going on your detox diet, read the labels carefully to find the right enzymes that you need.


How to Preserve Enzyme in cooking?

As a matter of fact, the amount of enzyme decreases as food are cooked, especially in high heat. This is also one of the basic reason why raw food diet can help in weight loss while deep fried or food cooked in high heat are more difficult to digest.

To preserve as much enzyme as possible, the recommended way to cook is steam, stew, boil or cook in a slow crock cooker. The reason is that with these sorts of cooking, the boiling point would not exceed 100 degree Celsius, which in turn helps to maintain enzymes.

Basic Rules for Enzyme Detox Diet

1. Drink a glass of fresh fruit or veggie juice in the morning. If you would like to consume carbohydrate as breakfast, take it 30 minutes after having the juice. You can see here for juice recipes.

2. If you are taking tablet supplements, check carefully the consumption method and if you have any doubts, consult your doctor.

3. Take plenty of water - suggest having 2 liters water per day to help detoxing.

4. Use only steaming, boiling, stewing or crock cooker in cooking, instead of using ovens, microwave ovens, frying or deep-frying.

5. Whenever possible, consume organic food and food without preservatives. Avoid processed food (like processed meat products).

6. Many enzyme detox expert suggest taking 21 days as an enzyme diet cycle. For ladies, preferably to do it between your periods.

Hope the above info can help you in starting an enzyme detox diet plan soon! Please let us know any feedback, comments that you have regarding this detox method.


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