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Detox the Heart Chakra and Raise your Vibrations

Updated on July 1, 2013

Heart Frequencies


Chakra Communication

Did you know that our Chakras communicate? It’s true, our chakras emit frequencies and vibrations that are picked up and interpreted by the chakras in others. This is a level in which we communicate that is seldom discussed or even considered in most ‘communication’ studies.

In most communication studies, primarily mainstream, forms of communication taught and considered are verbal and nonverbal (body language). There are personality tests so that we can discover different personality traits and learn to communicate with these traits on a level they can understand. The idea being that one’s personality affects the decoding process of communication. These are valid theories and studies of communication, however energetic communication plays a very large part as well but is only now beginning to be understood in the U.S.

Energetic communication is a form of communication that utilizes frequencies and vibrations. Think of a time when you walked into a room full of people and you immediately picked up on the ‘vibe’…that is energetic communication. Your chakras are picking up on the frequencies and vibrations being emitted by others in the room and using the same channels of decoding and interpreting meaning as language and body language. Each chakra communicates certain information pertaining to the energy the chakra is endowed with.

The Heart chakra is particularly powerful in its communication. In fact, here is an excerpt from Heart regarding the Heart’s intelligence and energetic communication –

The heart’s electromagnetic field--by far the most powerful rhythmic field produced by the human body--not only envelops every cell of the body but also extends out in all directions into the space around us. The cardiac field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive devices. Research conducted at IHM suggests that the heart’s field is an important carrier of information.

Toxins of the Heart Chakra

Before we can talk about detoxing the Heart Chakra, we must first learn what a detox is and what toxins can affect the Heart Chakra.

Toxins of the Heart –

Anger, sadness, jealousy, competitiveness, guilt, pain and fear are all emotions that can create a cloud of toxins in the Heart chakra. These emotions can affect other chakras as well but for the sake of this article, we will focus on the Heart.

When these emotions settle in the Heart, all kinds of issues can be created. From a metaphysical standpoint, the energies of painful emotions create little binding cords…kind of like scar tissue that collects in a wound. When scar tissue forms in a wound it restricts the movement of the tissue affected. The same can be true for toxic energies in the Heart Chakra. A healthy chakra spins like a disc…I see it as what a hurricane looks like. As it spins it emits the frequencies and vibrations that reflect its condition. So if it is healthy and vibrant, health and vibrant energy will be emitted to other individuals and the collective consciousness. When it is bound with a multitude of toxins, its movement is restricted and the frequencies are restricted as well. The toxins are then emitted to other individuals who pick up on these energies. A toxic Heart can create physical problems over time if not dealt with properly. Heart problems, anxiety, and respiratory issues can be created by a toxic Heart chakra.

What is Detoxification?

The best description of detoxification that pertains to this article was found on Wikipedia – Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, the human body.’

Now this can be done various ways depending on what part of the body, mind or spirit needs detoxing.

One way of removing a toxin is to use something to counterbalance or neutralize it. In reference to the Heart Chakra – the emotions creating the toxins can be neutralized or counterbalanced by opposing emotions. For example joy would counterbalance sadness.

One very powerful method of Heart detox is service to others. Not the kind of service where one provides service in order to control or get something from someone else in return. The kind of service that is most detoxifying to the Heart is done from a loving and caring space. It can be something like bringing flowers to a neighbor for no reason or doing a good deed for a stranger.

Here are a couple of ways to do a quick Heart detox when in a real dark space and something quick is needed:

  1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. On the inhale imagine breathing in a Green or Pink mist. Then on the exhale imagine the stress or toxic emotions drifting out into a white mist where the emotions can be neutralized.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine sending loving green or pink energy from your Heart to someone who may be having a bad day or having some sadness in their lives. Take the time to actually feel compassion flowing from your Heart to theirs.
  3. Smile. Yes, that is all there is to it. Put a genuine smile on your face and notice how your mood begins to lift.

These exercises are very simple and can be done at any time. However, if you’ve been suffering from toxic emotions for a long time and it is beginning to affect your Heart physically, it may be time to seek help from energy healers from practitioners of Reiki, Polarity and Ashati Healing.

Here are some physical illnesses that may be rooted in Heart Chakra Toxicity – bronchitis, heart disease, COPD, and abnormal heart palpitations. Some forms of depression and anger management issues can be related to a toxic Heart Chakra. Of course if you are having symptoms of these illnesses you will need to seek medical attention to assist you with alleviating the symptoms. Energy practitioners can assist with detoxing your Heart Chakra which may help prevent repeat occurrences and relapses.

Heart Happy


How can this really help?

Why is this important? Why does it matter?

Well, it doesn’t if the individual who is suffering doesn’t believe these emotions are toxic or they are serving this person in some way. The problem is that a toxic chakra will send out toxic frequencies which in turn will affect other chakras in the body as well as affect the chakras of another person especially if this person is a family member, friend or co-worker. So for example if one person in a family is very toxic, then it stands to reason that other members will be somewhat toxic as well. Chakra toxicity is like a virus that spreads from one person to another if not tended to.

Any environment that is infected with Heart Chakra toxicity is a very uncomfortable and disturbing environment creating all kinds of emotional, mental and physical dysfunction for all who are exposed. It may seem a bit unrealistic but there are many examples of toxic atmospheres creating ripe conditions for domestic, workplace and public violence.

If everyone practices detoxification of their chakras, primarily the Heart chakra, then many of these instances may be reduced.

It certainly is worth consideration, there is really nothing to lose.


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    • tebo profile image


      5 years ago from New Zealand

      A well written article with good information on how to achieve detoxing the heart chakra. The suggestions are simple yet effective. I enjoyed reading your hub.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Excellent information, and extremely useful. Keeping tabs on this is so, so important. Thank you for taking time to write and share with us:)


    • Lily Luna profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorri Woodmansee 

      5 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Thank you Harsha and DK for your kind comments. And yes, Harsha the Heart is more powerful than the brain!

    • dksuttle profile image

      Donna Suttle 

      5 years ago from Ecuador, New Mexico, South Carolina

      Very insightful. ...a pleasure to read


    • Harsha Vardhana R profile image

      Harsha Vardhana R 

      5 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you, Lily!

      Heart is considered far more powerful than the brain. So if heart is detoxified, other systems would become far easier to act on!

      How meaningful is the phrase "green with envy"! I realize that green colored heart is corrupted

      Voting up!


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