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Free Negative Thinking and Detoxify Thoughts Today

Updated on October 23, 2023
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is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with her readers!


You Can Detoxify Your Mind

Yes, just as you can detoxify your body during a fast, you can also easily detoxify your mind. It'll take a bit of work, to enjoy clearer thinking; nevertheless, it can be done. If you find you're harboring negative thought patterns that interfere with your daily activities, it's time to start detoxifying your mind to think clearer.

You will have a hard time trying to delete your pessimistic thoughts in one shot, except you'll gradually be able to work on your thoughts systematically. Over time, you'll notice gloomy thoughts coming to you less frequently.

Force Yourself to Think Positive Every Day

The best way to get rid of cynical thoughts is to force your mind to think of positive things. You can eloquently do this by reading a humorous book or watching a funny movie. In addition, you can benefit from talk therapy, find a caring ear, and divulge your feelings without feeling inhibited. You'll need to discover ways to build your self-esteem, too, over the long run.

You’re probably harboring a lot of hurt inside if your negative thoughts feel overwhelming. You'll find your hurt dissipating when you express yourself and begin to write your hurt on a piece of paper. Making amends with the ones who hurt you will also cause the hurt to go away much faster. Forgiving yourself and others is the beginning of detoxifying your precious mind.

Start to create positive memories, to erase the negative thoughts in your mind. This is a long-drawn-out process, except, realize these thoughts have not developed overnight. It took years to surface, and it'll take about two months for every year you have harbored negative thinking for it to become less pronounced. This is worth a shot since you'll become healthier in the process and your mind will be less cluttered too.

Being mindful of simple positive idioms will help detoxify your brain and turn you into a peaceful person. Living this way will give you wisdom beyond your waking years.

Thinking Too Much Will Not Help You.

Besides, Your  Negative Thoughts May Overwhelm You.
Besides, Your Negative Thoughts May Overwhelm You. | Source

Accept the gifts you were given and give and share! Your dreams and hopes do create your reality. Be in control of yourself at all times and feel grateful for everything you have. Forever believe in yourself! You have the power to create a positive, joyful, and abundant life.

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What to Think to Free Negative Thinking?

Remember to Feel Grateful and Be Kind to Everyone...

Remember, to spend a moment each day thinking of someone, to "thank."

Remember, to smile at strangers and to look into their eyes and say a warm, "hello."

Remember, to repeat to you, "Life is not an emergency."

Remember, to relax by not rushing through your day.

Remember, to set aside quiet time every day.

Remember, to appreciate the beauty that is around you.

Remember, to seek first to understand.

Remember, to listen before you speak.

Remember that praise and shame are the same; even so, it's better to receive praise.

Remember, you'll never be able to please all the people you know all the time.

Remember, to treat others the way you like people to treat you.

Remember, to become aware of your moods, and don't allow yourself to feel foolish, if you are down.

Remember, to practice random acts of kindness.

Remember, to look beyond behavior.

Remember, not to go to bed angry.

Remember, not to brag.

Remember, it's good to share your wealth.

Remember, to resist the urge to criticize others.

Remember, to feel grateful for what you have, instead of thinking of what you want all the time.

Remember, to take good care of yourself, and remain in a positive spirit forever.

Shame is the same; even so, admit your faults.

4 Signs God Is Saying You Are On The Right Path

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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