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Detoxing - A Diet or Health Kick?

Updated on August 16, 2011

Losing Weight

I thought I would piggyback on my one hub and continue my journey trying to lose weight but decided to go a different route. Alot of times my hormones are not regulated or my liver is not functioning at it's optimum. I have to deal with these two things everytime I try to lose weight.

When I did lose weight several years ago, I battled both of these without knowing it. I lost 40 lbs. on a strict no carb Atkins diet and working out in a gym an hour every night. I also had a slim fast drink if I didn't have time for a meal. It was rough. I remembering plateauing alot and not understanding why I wasn't losing faster. I was in my 40s and it took hard work to lose a pound. But after 5 months, I reached to my goal weight and celebrated with a trip to California and a black bikini.

Now years later, I don't have the will power, determination, or the energy to do the above. And now that I am in my fifties, I need to lose 50 pounds not 40. Although 20 would be awesome. I don't like my fat centering around my stomach and am concerned about my health. That is why I am very interested in detoxing now, not just losing weight.

My before picture.
My before picture.

Body Image

Fat upper arms, wide stomach, thick legs, neck rolls. Slim hands, lol. This a pic of me and my dog, Belle. It is a perfect representation of why I need to slim down.

Now my liver levels have always run high. They are now lower than they have ever been. I owe that to eating organic and really watching what pollutants are around me. Because without a well functioning liver you might as well hang up trying to lose weight.

I actually like my body. Just not my mid section. That's the best birth control I know. No one is seeing this body before it's "prime." I got there once and I know I can do it again.

TIPS for fast and easy detoxing

1. Epsom salt baths with very hot water. Now hot water will dry out your skin so don't sit for 20 minutes up to one hour detoxing and then slather on nonorganic lotions. That will defeat the purpose.

2. Stay akaline to help liver and bile do their thing. The fastest and easiest way to do this is eat alkaline foods. But if you drink a glass of water with a half squeezed lemon each morning upon rising and before you retire, that helps gives the liver a boost. I know, lemons are acidic but when the juice is mixed in water and drunk, it makes the body more akaline. Don't ask me why.

Doctor's Orders

Went to the doctor today. She specializes in biodentical hormones and antiaging techiniques. She said my thyroid is sluggish. Hypothyroidism. She believes that and my elevated liver enzymes are blocking me from losing weight. My glucose levels (prediabetes) are too high also and she thinks alot of these things in my body would respond favorably to a strict diet.

So, it will be water fast for at least two days but special water, water that has been made alkaline. Then 3 days just juicing. Since I have no juicer or the money to buy all those fruits and veggies, I figure going to the health food store for smoothies and organic juices should do the trick. Then a special detox soup. I will share the recipe when I get that far. First let's see if I can get through the first 5 days.


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