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Devastating All Natural 3 Step Plan for Beating Blocked Bowel Constipation Bloated Stomach Problems and IBS

Updated on November 19, 2014

IMPORTANT Information to Aid Curing Many Health Related Problems Diseases & Ailments!

By Dale Ovenstone

Congratulations to you for arriving at this page because herein is your first stages to VIBRANT health, ridding disease & banishing niggling ailments, all whilst enhancing whole body fitness & vitality, as a positive side effect!

In just three simple stages. The methods are cheap, obtainable, and take just minutes a day.

In fact, as you read onwards, you may even find that this could one of the MOST IMPORTANT health related articles you may have yet come across.

Here is a quick fix just below, in case you are in a hurry. But please do read all of this article and experience the entire benefit for your body's system, both inside & out.

Quick fix:

Step 1:1 pint of (body temperature) clean drinking water, first thing. Use a pinch of Celtic Salt (or Himalayan Salt) on the tip of your tongue, and wash it down with the water.

Step 2: wait a small while, then relax and drink a cup of coffee sweetened with honey.

Step 3: drink water throughout the day

Do this routine daily!

OK, so you now know the gist of the remedy cure for your constipation, now let me ask you a question?

Do you suffer from stomach cramps, gut & bowel problems, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, colon constipation, blockages in your digestive tract preventing you from going to the toilet, and you cannot poo?

If you do suffer, here's the cure, the answer you are seeking. Follow this procedure and your problem will be sorted.

Now this really works for many people if you would take the care and the time to follow the simple daily practice outlined. Don't expect it to work on the first day, although it probably will, but keep at it, you should see results shortly.

Imagine, for just a moment, your digestive tract resembles the plumbing system inside your home. Sometimes we all experience blockages in the drain pipes, which prevents waste material from leaving the system....

It stinks? The build up of wastage becomes more intense, until finally...

Well let's not go there shall we?

But one of the culprits to your problem is not enough moisture present.....

Another problem is a certain amount of weight must be applied, thus pressing or should I say forcing down wastage, whilst aiding in flushing out the offending blockage.....

Whereas the human digestive system is involved, a certain amount of gut, stomach, or digestive (bowel relaxation) is required to get things running smoothly.

Just below are a simple breakdown of the 3 steps to get you going to the toilet regularly.

Step 1: Moisture & pressure!

Step 2: Relaxant!

Step 3: Roughage!

Before we break down your cure & how to take what is required to fix you up, here is what I want you to do

Go get yourself comfortable & read through the WHOLE of this article to sorting out your constipation problem, but if you can't read it right now, please do try to come back later & fill your boots with this information, because you surely will be glad you did, plus, believe it or not YOUR HEALTH SHOULD START TO BECOME MORE VIBRANT. You may even lose weight, so herein, let me first give you an interesting break down of the effects of an 'unclean' digestive system.

Here's a little story of an unhealthy interior digestive system:

Whenever you have a touch of irritable bowel syndrome IBS or are bunged up with constipation, that bloated feeling caused from your stools stuck inside your bowel, your digestive tract & your stomach, can really drain your energy & make you feel crap, lethargic, slowing your activities right down.

So in other words, you can't be bothered, causing unnecessary bodily aches & cramps, which makes your life miserable most of the day & the night (that bad unhealthy feeling is not only physical, but emotional, too.)

Emotionally you feel terrible & physically, because toxins within your body build up (are stored) that are not dissipated or drained away, may show up on your skin as a skin disorder) as well as affecting many internal organs & muscles, as well as creating a miserable expression upon your face (although this can be because of a thought pattern (negative thinking) related problem in-which your bodily health, effects your facial expression as well as emotional issues.) (But that is another article.)

But did you know (this is important and I suggest you take note...).

When your digestive system is not clean adequately, your ability to absorb vital nutrients from the supplement, the food or even the drink you ingest. becomes affected thus, you will feel drained, iron as well as many other vital nutrients your body requires, are not fully allowed to become absorbed into your body, as they should be, and all because you are constipated.

When your system is blocked because it is not adequately flushed, toxins reside in the colon etc, and can have devastating effects on your general health & well being. Because you are hoarding toxins, these poisons slowly absorb into your body. Dangerous toxins & poisons become absorbed into your cells and affect all of your body mechanics, causing devastating diseases both emotionally and physically. Many ailments, diseases, illnesses & health problems will flourish because of constipation.

Ready To Release? Flush Away Toxins

Natural remedies for bowel relief have major benefits, compared to the implications of side effects with some pharmaceutical medications available.

A few reasons our bowel becomes blocked & constipated is because of daily stress of not letting go, as we tend to clam up, and not take the time to relax sufficiently.

This can portray a nasty effect on the tension inside the body, & especially the digestive tract (the bowel area.)

Other reasons for constipation, IBS & bowel blockages are eating the wrong kinds of foods, such as processed meals, & bleached wheat for instance, whilst not taking in enough roughage (one tends not to drink too much fluids (water) which is required to aid digestion, thus dehydration plays a major role in constipation. But irrigation (keeping the stools moist) as we progress from eating a meal to defecating out the wastage, and is vital for smooth natural function of release.

Step 1: MOISTURE! Don’t skimp on this one. Never. Get up in the morning & before you have your tea, coffee, or even breakfast you must drink at least, 1 FULL PINT OF CLEAN (body temperature) WATER, with a pinch of Celtic Salt (or Himalayan Salt) on the tongue.

This is the most vital first stage of your personal well-being.

Also, drink plenty of clean quality water throughout the day (just make sure you don’t skimp on your water intake first thing in the morning as you wake up.) This is most vital towards your cure for constipation.

Step 2: RELAX... Get up a little earlier & take time out to sit down & relax. Ponder the day ahead whilst sipping on a large coffee sweetened with honey (after your 1 pint of salted water intake has settled.)

As you may or may not know, both honey & coffee are good for digestion. Albeit, coffee tends to relax the muscles of the colon, aiding releasing tension within that area, invigorating stimulation thus aiding blockages to move along.

Consuming honey also has benefits with the process of aiding digestion,

Step 3: ROUGHAGE... Eat a certain meal a few hours before bedtime. A bowl of whole Grain Porridge Oats with a spoonful of honey stirred in, may be your roughage required, whereas honey will aid further relax your digestive tract, whilst you sleep.

If you have no intolerances with the ingredients outlined above, go ahead & try this remedy for yourself. In-fact I would suggest you create a new habit of the entire routine outlined above, it is that important.

If on the other hand you do have intolerances to any of the ingredients outlined, just cut them out but STILL DRINK PLENTY OF WATER, especially FIRST THING ON AWAKENING (with the vitality of the 'real salt.') And drink water throughout the day, too.

Thank you for reading, I hope it helps you out. Please leave a comment let me know how you get on.

All the best.

Dale Ovenstone


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      5 years ago from Wales UK

      You are right DDE. A healthy bowel is a healthy person

      Thank you for commenting

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Devastating All Natural 3 Step Plan for Beating Blocked Bowel Constipation Bloated Stomach Problems and IBS, great advise on this issue. Informative, useful and most interesting

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Wow your cure is music to my ears Claire thanks for your comment.

      There is a saying not many folk know about concerning 'death begins in the bowel' this part of our body one must irrigate regularly to keep clean & free as it is how our immune system takes place enabling a healthier lifestyle.

      Keep it all up, once your are flowing normally again daily (good) water intake really is the key.

      All the best. Dale

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is absolutely fantastic! I cannot tell you how glad i am to have found this! I've stopped smoking for 4 weeks and not 'been' regular ever since. I can count on one hand the amount of times. Even laxatives haven't done ANYTHING! I read this last night, drank 2 pints of water this morning, and hey presto!! Fantastic! So glad i found this!


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