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Develop Self Understanding

Updated on November 27, 2009

Find Space to Think

Understand Yourself

Self understanding is essential to personal and spiritual growth. Whilst setting goals and targets can help you achieve results in life, self knowledge is a perquisite to enable you to handle life and empowers you to achieve the results you have set.

Reflective thinking and self understanding

In our culture we are not always taught the value of self understanding and some of us have grown up to think that self awareness is a bad thing. In a few paragraphs I want to some up why I think it is important and how it can transform our lives.

So you have found some time to think and you are committed to the idea of self understanding, but what do you do to try to understand yourself better. I am going to include some fun ideas that may help you in this process of self exploration.

I think we would all agree that people as a species has gone a long way in understanding and harnessing the natural world. Whist the earth has much in the way of supplies of natural resources, people have survived and prospered because we have learnt to farm, produce and harness its natural forces. We are even on the edge of exploring space and who knows what potential this will open up.

However we have not yet learnt to understand and master ourselves. We are poor when it comes to understanding ourselves.History and current affairs testify to the inability of man to control his negative and destructive urges and live in peace and harmony with himself and others. Whist this may sound like a utopian dream, progress has been achieved when individuals or societies have set their goals higher.

Self understanding is a major key to helping us live more fulfilled and productive lives. Whilst we have a lot to learn about living together in community the best place to start is our self.

Keys to help you explore your inner self

Many Christians have grown up to believe that they are sinful and good for nothing. It is certainly true that we have all havenfailings but our basic DNA has been created by God. Even if you are not a Christian you may agree that there is something special or even sacred about each individual.Spend some time reflecting on the characteristics and gifts you have. Everyone has something to offer to the world around.

Also put some time aside to do some thinking, possibly using a journal. What are your gifts and talent,strengths and weaknesses and desires for the future? Some people struggle with this, so if you do it might be helpful to ask others what they think, but remember you need to think it through.

How about doing a personality test? Remember if you are an extrovert you can learn from the sensitivity of an introvert and vice versa. Write out a set of goals for personal development, and read them from time to time and remind yourself that they can be achieved.The key is to ask yourself the question as to what type of person you want to become. Write your ideal personal profile.

Once you have started to explore your inner self it is possible to become more aware of your own feelings and personality and gain wisdom from it. Self understanding can give us much insight in how we relate to the world around us. Some people are energised at parties whilst others need time on their own for personal reflection. Learn to recognise your preferences and if you start to do this regularly, you will begin to understand yourself more quickly. Also self knowledge leads to wisdom as you tackle life according to the self knowledge that you have. Let us take an example-

Suppose that you are a quiet person who needs space to think and reflect. That doesn't mean that you cant go to parties but you do have to balance your life. This is an example of the wisdom self knowledge gives.

                                       Self knowledge is the key to wisdom


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