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Developing Intuition

Updated on September 7, 2016

Step I: Getting Started

We all have this inner voice that allows us to make the right decisions, that gives us creativity, discernment, good judgement, etc. That is our intuition.

Because of the way we live nowadays, so dependent in technology, institutions and other people; our intuition took the back seat and has been diminished to the point that we can no longer hear it, feel it or see it (some people say they can smell a particular scent when the right choice presents itself). But with commitment and intention, we can bring it back.

Things that are particularly negative and block our spiritual development are:

  • Accumulated emotions
  • Addictions, fears, phobias
  • Limiting ideas and beliefs
  • Unbalanced psychic centers (Chakras)
  • Poor health and unconscious lifestyle

In order to allow this intuition to surface again, the most important thing to do (Step 1) is unlearning.

We need to unlearn all this accumulated information, all the negative emotions, all the restrictive ideas that we could have learned or inherited. Also we have to work with those elements that we don't know that are limiting us.

It requires a thorough x-ray of all your being: Spiritual, physical, mental.

We will address these in a progression, that is why I have divided this instructions in parts. We cannot move to the next part until we have accomplished our objective with the previous one. Otherwise you could be wasting your time and will be frustrated. Unless we are free of these blockages, it doesn't matter how much we try to learn, because all these blockages will filter the information to their benefit, to justify why they are there and continue blocking us. We need to remove them to be able to see with clear eyes.

Step 2: Removing Blocks

Now it its time to address these main blockages. For that I have selected 4 healing methods which are simple to use but very powerful:

  1. The Emotion Code: This is a healing method that you can use at home, I will explain separately how each of these methods work. But to line up the grounds for our healing work, let's start with a description and why are we going to use them. With this method you will be able to clear any trapped emotions with the use of a magnet. Emotions have their own magnetic field and we are able to remove them this way. It is very easy, I will explain the basics that you need to start using it and you can always research further if you wish.
  2. Mantras: Mantras are great because they work with our subconscious mind. I have chosen for this work the mantra called: Hoponopono. If you repeat the mantra, its very powerful frequency will begin working immediately, but if you just play the mantra in the background while you are doing something else, it will work too. This will take care of all that needs to be addressed to bring you to a neutral state. You can do this forever, but for this exercise we will use it 5 times a day for 2 weeks and then analyze our behavioral changes in introspective.
  3. Balancing our energy: We have psychic centers throughout our body, that are popularly known as Chakras. The Chakra balancing exists in different cultures and even some religions have their own versions. There is no right or wrong version. I would recommend using the western version, just because it is the most popular and you can find several meditations on Youtube that can be used. This will balance your entire body and energy.
  4. Breathing: Breathing exercises are very important because with conscious breathing we accomplish a few things, we establish communication with our subconscious letting it know that we are in control, this helps us develop our will power. And also it helps us get to that meditative state where we can begin to hear our inner voice or intuition.

There is much more work to do, but let's get started with these and evaluate our progress. I will describe these methods in part 3 and 4 in my next post. For now, our homework is to keep a diary and to make a list of all the negative elements of our behavior, personality, emotions, ideas, that we would like to change and reflect on those. We will use that list on part 4.Thank you!


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