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Infant Developmental Milestones

Updated on January 30, 2014

First month

  • Lifts head intermittently when prone
  • Momentary visual fixations on objects and human faces

Two months

  • "Social Smile"
  • No head control yet; head lags when pulled to sitting
  • Responds to familiar voices by moving the whole body
  • Sheds tears

Three months

  • Can raise head but not chest when prone
  • Head in bobbing motion; some head control when pulled to sit
  • Babbles and coes

Four months

  • Grasps object within reach and brings to mouth
  • Laughs loud
  • Has head control when pulled to sit, no lag, head steady when upright

Five months

  • Rolls over
  • Raking grasp

Six months

  • Doubles Birth weight
  • Sits with minimal support
  • Can be pulled from sitting to standing position
  • Eruption of first tooth (usually lower central incisors)

Seven months

  • Plays with feet
  • Says "dada" or "mama" but not specific
  • Pivots (creeps) when prone
  • thumb-finger grasp

Eight months

  • Sits alone steadily without support for an indefinite period

Nine months

  • Can hold bottle with good hand-mouth coordination
  • Crawls
  • Neat pincer grasp
  • Understands simple gestures and request (e.g.bye-bye)
  • takes some steps when held

Ten months

  • Pulls self to stand
  • Responds to own name

Eleven months

  • Stands with assistance
  • Attempts to walk with help

Twelve months

  • Walks with help
  • Triples Birth weight
  • Drinks form a cup
  • Can say 2 words


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    • Steve RN profile image

      Steve RN 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Agreed! it would be a lot easier for parents to simply read the hub rather than going to doctors. It would also be easier for clinical instructors to teach developmental milestones through this. =)

    • My Nurse Says profile image

      My Nurse Says 5 years ago from Philippines

      Oh good Lord! Thank you for posting this Hub! I believe that this is definitely an easy guide, not only for Student Nurses and other Medical Practitioners trying to put these all in their heads, but far more important, this is a useful guide for Parents, especially first-time Parents. Being educated about these Developmental Milestones helps parents become aware of what to expect from their children's growth and how they will be assisting and teaching them accordingly. Voted up and I am eager to read more of your Hubs!