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Diabetes - Initial Symptoms and Prevention

Updated on January 19, 2019

The recent National Diabetes Statistics Report suggested that out of every 10 adults within the age group of 35 to 40, at least 1 is at a risk of diabetes. Though we could get diabetic at any age given our heredity history, lifestyle, stress levels and food habits; yet the person in today's scenario who is prone to be a diabetic most likely fits in the age group of 35 and above. This statistics warn us of the early onset of diabetes and the precautions that we should take to prevent or control the diabetes early symptoms.

The sugar buildups in our blood due to diabetes take us on a pathway which could lead to dangerous destinations' including stroke or heart diseases. But we are still ignorant of the fact that it is not just being overweight or leading an inactive lifestyle that could give us diabetes, but there are various other diabetes early signs or reasons which could make us diabetic; few resulting right from childhood.

Types of Diabetes

There are many forms of diabetes which we aren't aware of. The first one is the Type I diabetes which is an autoimmune disease. In Type I diabetes our immune system is wrecked to an extent that our body degenerates and fails to produce the required insulin. In Type 2 diabetes our body manages to produce insulin yet fails to use it affectively. This is one of the common type and is strongly related to obesity. Middle aged adults within the age group of 35 to 45 are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with Type2 diabetes.

Then there is a condition of Prediabetes where your blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not that higher to link you with Type2 diabetes. The Gestational diabetes is a type prevalent during pregnancy. In this type the placenta tends to produce insulin blocking hormones.

6 Diabetes Early Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

The onset of diabetes comes with some established symptoms which we cannot ignore. Any of these diabetes early symptoms are enough to be cautioned about. Few of these include -

1. Frequent urination

2. Constant weight loss.

3. Being hungry all the time

4. Constant signs of being tired and weary

5. Being thirsty

6. Lack of sleep

10 Diabetes Early Signs To Lookout for

Some of the diabetes early sign which should not be turned a blind eye to include -

1. Gain in weight or obesity

2. Blurry vision

3. Regular and frequent headaches

4. Small wounds or cuts that take time to heal

5. Numbness or tingling sensations in hands or feet

6. Urinary tract infections, usually in women

7. Dry and itchy skin

8. Decreased sex drive

9. Poor muscle strength

10. Sleep deprivation

6 Recommended Food and Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes

Diabetes is one such chronic condition that cannot be ignored. If unmanaged, it could lead to serious complications which at times may turn fatal. And hence apart from proper treatment and care, we also have to take a review on our lifestyle and food habits. Necessary changes are to be made to help our body fight diabetes. Some of these food and lifestyle changes for diabetes include -

1. Paying extra attention on our diet intake especially carbohydrates.

2. Watching our weight.

3. Keeping a control and watch on the alcohol intake.

4. Staying away from processed foods and sugar drinks.

5. Including plenty of vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruits in our diet.

6. Leading a healthy lifestyle with an addition of daily workout which may include regular walks and yoga.


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