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Diabetes, Learning To Live With A Diabetic - Helpful Resources For Food & Lifestyle

Updated on August 2, 2012

I never expected that living with a partner who has diabetes would be sometimes challenging to my daily routines. It has not been a 'burden', but rather a change in direction for my own daily habits. I have been with my boyfriend going on two years now...but we have only lived together around 3 months or so and the changes are becoming a bit more obvious to me. He has Diabetes Type2, so refraining from foods high in sugar and carbohydrates is imperative. (Although having 'emergency' food or beverage that is high in sugar is important in the household, as the Insulin may sometimes drop your glucose too much.)

What are the challenges I'm confronted with? Some are very minor, but nonetheless they have caught me by surprise. For example, my boyfriend drinks so many beverages a day that I can't keep up with the groceries. And due to the drinking for hydration, he is up every couple of hours at night to use the bathroom. Sleep is definitely interrupted for him, in turn interrupting my own sleep. I've never done well with interrupted sleep, but I think my body is slowly learning to accept this.

Grocery shopping and cooking have been my number one challenge, and I am still trying to find new, helpful resources on a regular basis. Changing MY eating habits when planning dinners has not been easy, as I personally am a carb lover! With the help of some smart-phone apps however, it has become a little easier. I think they are great use and anyone who is struggling with the dietary components of diabetes in the family should definitely check them out.

Green Leafy Veggies Are Important In Your Diet
Green Leafy Veggies Are Important In Your Diet | Source
Keeping Track of Glucose Levels
Keeping Track of Glucose Levels | Source

Helpful Diabetic Phone Apps

Free Meal Planners:

  • Diabetic Grocery List - Great app!
  • Food On The Table - ( Some great recipes. This phone app creates your grocery list from your chosen recipes.
  • Diabetic Food Street - Another great app with free healthy recipe ideas.

Glucose Management:

  • Diabetes Companion
  • Diabetes Buddy
  • Glucose Buddy
  • Diabetes Log

Remember this great advice from a resourceful informational link I like. They have basic information, health tips, recipes, and more:

"It’s hard to do everything right every day. Just try to do some things right each day. Take small steps toward creating a healthy meal plan and activities that you can enjoy."

One thing I am grateful for are the recipe resources that are so easy to find and in so many forms. From phone apps, to books, to websites, the resources are endless. The website above has great recipes as well as so many others. Check out the direct links below:

I just found this site today and it covers pretty much 'everything' diabetes. Great website for food, fitness, important health information, and so much more:

Never think that you have exhausted what diabetic resources there are available to you. They are added and updated every day on the web. Research continues and new products may become available at any time. For someone like myself, who had zero knowledge of what kind of lifestyle habits are important to a diabetic, the resources available have made a huge difference.


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