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Signs of Diabetes: Symptoms, Types and Treatments

Updated on August 25, 2015
Image courtesy of Gualberto107
Image courtesy of Gualberto107
Image courtesy of Piyachok Thawornmat
Image courtesy of Piyachok Thawornmat
Image courtesy of amenic181
Image courtesy of amenic181

This generation is known to be the one with the highest amount of people with diabetes. Mix together the large chain of fast food restaurants and the majority of the population being either too busy or too lazy to get any proper exercise or diet and you get an increased amount of risk to suffering from this condition. We have gone through terrible changes in conducts making us more obese and more prone to sit for hours on end, producing a plethora of consequences many of us are not aware of or do not pay attention to.

Diabetes is a disease in which the levels of your blood sugar are way too high. This at first sounds no more troubling than an overdue project for school but it is. You see the thing with having a high level of glucose or sugar in your blood provides open doors for many complications to enter, mostly those that intervene with your eyes, heart and kidneys.

A large percentage of people that suffer from this disease only do so because of not paying enough attention to the way they had been living their lives or not sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime. When we consume too much glucose, energy the body actually requires to function, the body has a difficult time producing insulin, a hormone that is in charge of getting the glucose to be of worth and working in the cells to provide energy. If no insulin is produced or it is not used efficiently, it grows and overstays its welcome in different parts of the body, wreaking havoc and causing damage to the blood vessels, all the while the cells being weak since they are the ones in need of the sugar.

Depending on if your body is producing insulin and if it is using it, your diabetes is categorized in three types:

  • The first is one is very rare and almost never occurs. In this type, the body mistakenly attacks the cells that make insulin and then the body suffers depravation from the hormone and the glucose goes without being used. This type is generally found affecting young children.
  • The second is the most general one, being characterized for being especially common in adults and being a product of the body producing insulin but not being enough to work with the glucose intake from the patient. This occurs when the diet and the intake that one has is too high, getting much more than what the body needs. These kind of scenarios happen to people under a lot of stress or filled with anxiety or have a great and distorted love for food, consuming too much of it.
  • The third and final type is known as gestational diabetes and only happens during pregnancy and is usually resolved after the child is born. The risk of having type 2 diabetes is higher in those who have had type 3 first.

A big problem we have when facing diabetes is learning to identify it since many people will at times ignore symptoms or accept them as something normal when they are not. Always check your body for any difference or altercation since it could save you trouble later, especially if you still do not have the condition yet. Some symptoms to look out for are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Blurred vision
  • Fatigue
  • Constant Headaches
  • Feeling hungry and thirsty all the time
  • Constant urine infections
  • Constant need to pee
  • Mysterious weight loss or gain
  • Itchiness
  • Slow healing in bruises and scars
  • Irritability
  • Numbness or tingling of the hands and feet
  • Dark areas in the skin, usually around the neck or armpits
  • Impotence

Although many people fear getting diabetes, a quite healthy fear if you ask me, it can be controlled and even in some cases cured. The thing is many understand that having it will destroy their lives and how they want to live it when in fact the only one responsible for that is them.

The right diet and exercise always comes a long way, especially in adulthood when you are always busy with jobs, family and what not. The thing about all those is that if we let them get in the way of our health, we have already lost our life to them and will soon start seeing consequences to them. Nothing should stop us from taking care of ourselves.

The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes
The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes

The New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live and Super Immunity and one of the country’s leading experts on preventive medicine offers a scientifically proven, practical program to prevent and reverse diabetes—without drugs.

At last, a breakthrough program to combat the rising diabetes epidemic and help millions of diabetics, as well as those suffering with high blood pressure and heart disease. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Research director of the Nutritional Research Foundation, shows you how to live a long, healthy, and happy life—disease free. He offers a complete health transformation, starting with a diet with a high nutrient-per-calorie ratio that can be adapted for individual needs.


There are many things and countermeasures to take if you already have diabetes though, allowing you to have a good battle with it and taking control over your situation. As stated before, daily exercise and a balanced diet, normally given to you by your doctor, does come a long way but there are other more specific things you can try. Among these are:

  1. Keep yourself in check: This means checking your sugar levels, trying out exercises you are comfortable with and having a steady income of healthy and happy thoughts. There are already many things against you in this world, don't let diabetes be one of those. Keep yourself motivated and following a schedule that you can manage, never overexerting yourself.
  2. Drink water: This is essential, and by it I do not mean the amount you would normally drink. I am talking about as much as you can get in a day, especially if you are bigger or have a larger weight. Replace anything sugary in your drinks and only consume water and the improvement will be drastic. You might think that bottled juices and exercise drinks are good for you but they are just as filled with sugar as any other soda so stay away from those too.
  3. Take any drugs or alcohol at any adequate level: These kinds of things have a huge influence on your well being, now even more with your blood sugar levels. Make sure you take anything you consume into account and never let it off as a simple drink or smoke since it could lead to complications. It is highly recommended to keep the drinks to a minimum and always accompanied with food. When it comes to medication speak to your doctor to see what medicine you can consume alongside whatever they are providing.

Thriving with Diabetes: Learn How to Take Charge of Your Body to Balance Your Sugars and Improve Your Lifelong Health - Featuring a 4-Step Plan for Long-Lasting Success!
Thriving with Diabetes: Learn How to Take Charge of Your Body to Balance Your Sugars and Improve Your Lifelong Health - Featuring a 4-Step Plan for Long-Lasting Success!

Learn to Actively Manage Your Diabetes for a Healthy and Happy Life

Thriving with Diabetes empowers you to take charge of your diabetes, so you don't just deal with your symptoms, but change the way you think to improve your health, happiness, and quality of life. Through a simple four-step process, you'll learn how to intuitively understand your blood sugars and what causes both good and bad numbers. This proactive approach results in the ability to manage diabetes personally, not just by a set of notes from the doctor.

Step 1: Lower the Highs

Step 2: Limit the Lows

Step 3: Use Your Best to Fix the Rest

Step 4: Play with Your Diabetes

Written by Dr. Paul Rosman and David Edelman, co-founder of Diabetes Daily, Thriving with Diabetes is not just about eating properly (although that's certainly part of it!), but also about managing the daily challenges of physical activity, stress, pain, sleep patterns, and other life events that have a major, but underappreciated, impact on blood sugar trends.


There are many more ways to fight diabetes and control your sugar levels with different natural mixes to consume and procedures to follow but these are the most important ones. Just make sure to take care of your body, follow an exercise regime along with a good diet plan and maintain yourself straight in the path of control with sugary foods, drinks and uneventful days. It is always good to stay positive, strong and ready to face the challenge every day, no matter the complications that may arise. Diabetes is a sickness but it is one that can be fought and won.

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    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady Gonz├ílez 

      3 years ago

      Hi autoimmune,

      Most of the diseases are connected to our immune system and yes garlic is great to help boost it.

      Thank you for your comment!

    • autoimmune profile image


      3 years ago from United Kingdom

      diabetes hepatitis is well associated with autoimmune disease like Lupus and RA.

      garlic contains 39 natural antibiotics that can boost the immune system thus preventing any disease progress.


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