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What Is Diabetes?

Updated on January 31, 2010
What is Diabetes?
What is Diabetes?

Diabetes & Lifestyle

 What is diabetes? Why so many people die of diabetes every year? What can be done to prevent health problem?

Have you ever heard the word glucose? Do you know what that is? Well, glucose is also known as sugar.

Diabetes is a disorder in a person's body that affect the way of how the food is is used to produce energy. Usually the sugar taken by someone's body is broken down into what is called: glucose.

The glucose is used as energy by our bodies, however, insulin, a type of hormone is produced by the pancreas, the insuling helps distribute the glucose into the cells.

When the pancreas are working normally, they manage the right amount of insulin according to the amoung of sugar (glucose), however, if a person has diabetes, the process don't work effectively, which can cause the blood pressure to increase drastically.



Human Body Diagram
Human Body Diagram
Glucose Level
Glucose Level
Diabetes 2
Diabetes 2

Types of Diabetes

 How many types of diabetes exist today?

Commonly, exist two types of diabetes known as: diabetes type 1 and type 2.

Type 1: This type of diabetes is known as the body inefficiency of producing insulin.

Type 2: A person with this type of diabetes is can produce insulin, however, the body cells usually won't respond to the insulin production.

In both cases, the glucose can't be transported into the cells, which can result in the continue increased of glucose and, ultimately, it will result in serious health complications.

What is Pre-Diabetes?

 This is usually happens when the body cells begins to become resistant to insulin or the pancreas are no longer producing a certain quantity of it, which is vital for the body healthy performance.

If someone is diagnosed with pre-diabetes, him or her should be concerned about the future of the their healthy condition because, it will most likely that people in such a risk group, will likely to contract diabetes.

Preventing Diabetes

 I will share 8 tips of how to prevent diabetes:

1 - Excercise: Exercise regularly, this will boost your body imunne system, will strenght your bones and muscles and, it will increase blood circulation throughout your body, which also means that, you will have a stronger heart.

2 - Loose weight: Overweight is directly related to diabetes, in fact, 80% of people who are overweight, suffers from diabetes.

3 - Avoid Trans Fat at all costs: This contribute to heart desease and may cause diabetes type 2.

4 - Avoid sugary foods, flour or carbohydrates. Ex.: white rice, dry cereals, processed and fried foods.

5 - Eat Fibar: Found in raw fruits and vegetables.

6 - Don't smoke or Quit smoke: Causes lung cancer, heart desease and, causes diabetes.

7 - Don't drink alcohol: Alcohol is directly related to diabetes due to the quickly absorbed carbohydrates. Contributes to diabetes type 2.

8 - Get support from friends and family to help you change your lifestyle, this will help you prevent diabetes.

Just a disclaimer: This article is for informational purpose only, I have done several research on this topic in order to write it, however, before, you commit yourself to any diet and make any decision, consult a professional.

If you like what you read here, please, leave your comments right below, thank you.


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