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Adult Onset Diabetes Type II and how to reverse it.

Updated on December 20, 2010


My Life With Diabetes

It seems everyone in their late forties is now diabetic or "pre-diabetic" by the new standards for blood glucose levels. I was one of those people with an A1C score of 14 and a fasting blood glucose level typically near 200.

It all started when my wife noticed I was tired in the evenings after work all the time. I would come home and crash in my chair and that was it until bed time. She also said I was snoring so bad she had to go to the guest room to get any sleep. I also noticed I was thirsty at night, so badly I had started to keep water bottles by the bed.

So I reluctantly went to the doctor who did the usual checkup stuff and ordered blood tests. A few days later I got the call to come in for a follow up because there are problems.

First my blood pressure was way too high and my blood sugar levels were shocking according to the doctor. So I'm supposed to take all kinds of pills to start getting this under control.

So being that I have accepted the fact that I'm getting old and my health is in decline I started on a host of different blood pressure meds which all made me sick. After a while we found one that worked—benicar. Next came the metformin and the januvia to lower blood sugar and this stuff did lower my blood sugar but I just didn't feel right.

After doing my own research I decided to try a different tactic. I was going to have to change my lifestyle. It was definitely a huge undertaking starting off with a doctor supervised fasting program which lasted 18 weeks where I ate nothing but protein shakes for food. Once off the program I was trained not to go back to my old ways, since I had broke the habit of junk food from being on the fasting program.

I lost 75 pounds and was about to embark on the most difficult task of my entire existence. Getting healthy and keeping that weight off.

I make good money by modern standards so eating out at restaurants was a daily occurrence. More than once a day if I'm being honest. No more. I prepare all my own food now, with almost no exceptions. Gone are the carb-heavy meals of pasta, french fries, pizza and grinders, all which used to be my favorites. Now my diet consists of lean meats, vegetables and fruit. No exceptions.

I now do my own lawn care, I got rid of the "service" I actually look for reasons to exercise. This makes a big difference in overall health and weight maintenance.

When I started the fast the doctor there insisted I discontinue all medications as part of the program. So once the program ended I got into my new life routing and my next visit to my original doctor was just as shocking to me as the last visit. Now my blood pressure is normal, unmedicated and my A1C is 5.2 unmedicated and I'm still off all meds. I monitor my blood pressure at home and check my blood sugar on occasion just to make sure all is well. My sugar is in the 75-90 range now.

Diet and excersize and massive changes in lifestyle can in fact reverse early adult onset diabetes and high blood pressure and I know for sure I will never slip back into my old ways again.

The one sour note which took me quite by surprise is my health insurance would not pay one dime toward any of this wellness care. I paid for every single blood test and doctor visit and even had to pay for the mandatory psycologist out of pocket. I saved the insurance company all that money on drugs by getting healthy and they refused to pay one dime to get me healthy. This is a curiosity worth further examination.

All together with the cost of the protein shakes it cost me about 6,000 dollars all told to get my health back on track. Best money I ever spent.

As of this writing its been two years and all is well.

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