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Diabetes and Charcot foot - A dangerous condition which needs careful control.

Updated on September 4, 2016
Balanced natural sugars
Balanced natural sugars
Injecting insulin
Injecting insulin
Suitable diabetic meal
Suitable diabetic meal
Typical Charcot foot diagram
Typical Charcot foot diagram

Diabetes is a dangerous condition which should not be self-diagnosed.

It is divided into two types – type 1 which is insulin dependent and can strike at any age and type II which can be controlled by a combination of diet, natural remedies and some insulin support and normally occurs later in life or as a result of severe shock (loss of partner etc)

Type 1 is where the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin to control the glucose metabolism.

Type II is where insulin is being produced but not used efficiently.

It is primarily type II we will be discussing.

Tiredness, excessive thirst, reoccurring infections, slow healing wounds and excessive urination are all symptoms. There is no known cause but it runs in families and if you are of Indian or African descent and if you are obese you are at a much higher risk. The symptoms are often hidden and are slow to emerge until the body protests and complications develop.

The accepted medical treatment uses diet, tablets, insulin injections or a combination of all three. Even though in most instances it can be well controlled, there are occasions when it needs a little help to remain stable.

I am type II diabetic myself and find the following essential oil blend of some assistance. Add 10 drops of each to a suitable mixing bottle.

Ylang-Ylang, Néroli, Lemon,

Eucalyptus,(Citriodora), Juniper, Helichrysum (Immortelle),

Geranium, Pine, Black Pepper,

Benzoin, Coriander, Dill,

To help with arterial maintenance, add the following:

Cedarwood, Niaouli, Rosemary,

Verbena, Vetivert, Ginger,

Linden Blossom, Rose, Cypress,

Mix with a Grapeseed Oil/Macadamia base, with a little, Rosehip, Apricot kernel, Peach kernel, Evening Primrose and Sesame Oil added.

Apply to area of the Pancreas or soles of the feet.

Be certain to regularly check your blood sugar levels and if they drop too low, discontinue and discuss with your doctor as it may be possible to reduce your drug level before restarting with the essential oils.

Bilberry leaves – this will reduce hyperglycaemia as it contains an anthocyanoside called myrtillin which works in a similar way to insulin. It is considerably weaker but is less toxic.

Spirulina – is a blue green micro-algae, rich in vitamin B5 and is the most nutrient dense superfood currently known. The high protein content stabilises blood sugar levels between meals, protects the liver and ejects heavy metals from the body. It is available from

Chromium – For some time there has been evidence that this heavy metal can help to control both types 1 and II. Trials suggest a safe dosage of 200mcg per day but doses as high as 1000-1200mcg have been used to control type II. At this level there is a risk of kidney damage and I would not recommend it.

Gymnema sylvestre – is an Indian Ayurvedic herb. It is the leaf that is used and this contains the gymnemic acids that reduces the rate of glucose absorption and stimulates the pancreas to increase insulin production. It also makes sweet things taste unappetising. Clinical trials have shown no adverse side effects although an extract known as GS4 did decrease the absorption of iron and should be avoided. Daily dose should be 400mg and is available from

Insulin users or type 1 sufferers should be aware that gymnema can enhance the glucose lowering effect of insulin and you should discuss this with your diabetes specialist.

There are some supplements which are not suitable for diabetics.

Dandelion – Do not take this herb as it will interfere with the blood glucose levels.

Xylitol – is a very good sugar substitute but for diabetics it can cause diarrhoea.

Co-enzyme Q10 – an excellent anti-aging and mood improving supplement. However diabetics should not use it without medical supervision.

Gotu kola – an important brain supporting supplement but can raise blood glucose and cholesterol level.

Fish or Flax oil – Body does not produce these important essential fatty acids which will act as an anti-inflammatory. Diabetics should take them but must not exceed 6g per day. Do not take them at all if you are on high blood pressure medication.

As a sufferer of diabetes you should be extra careful of damage or cuts to your feet, which are a seriously vulnerable area. Check your feet regularly and if you notice swelling (particularly if you are suffering from diabetic neuropathy with loss of feeling) get it checked immediately. You may be suffering from the early stages of a condition known as "Charcot foot" where the bones soften and break. With expert early treatment (which normally involves putting the foot into a plaster cast until they harden) the foot can be supported. When they harden they may not be in the same order and will result in a deformed foot. Regrettably the bones can causes ulcers that will not heal and in some extreme cases, amputation of the foot is the only remedy, to give any quality of life. This is quite a rare condition but must be caught and treated urgently - I know through bitter experience.

© 2012 Peter Geekie


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    • Peter Geekie profile imageAUTHOR

      Peter Geekie 

      4 years ago from Sittingbourne

      I had never heard of it until one evening I felt as though I had sprained my ankle and there was slight swelling. I put it in a foot/ankle support until I could get medical treatment. Three years and several operations later I am waiting a final operation and face a possible amputation and I had it diagnosed and started treatment quickly.

      I wish your sister well and a speedy recovery.

      kind regards Peter.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      My sister got Charcot foot which we had never heard of before. Her doctor said he had never seen it before and had to get another opinion. Thanks for the article she and her doctor found it helpful and interesting.


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