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Diabetes Fighters of Kerala

Updated on April 2, 2012

Traditional ways of Treatments

Traditional systems of treatments believed that the cause of the disease is either hereditary or due to bad life style. Bad lifestyle includes excessive intake of sweet, salt, milk, meat, fish and alcohol. Untimely food intakes and lack of proper diet, lack of physical activities, daytime sleeping , excessive sexual activities, lack of cleanliness, mental strain and stress and heat strokes are considered other causes of disease.

Diet control and good sleeping at night made them control the disease effectively. They took bitter gourd juice in the morning to break their fast. Indian goose berry which was common everywhere in Kerala was a good remedy for diabetes. They took goose berry juice early in the morning to break the fast and also made pickle with goose berry.

Swallowing Garlic without chewing and drinking water after that, was another treatment. Chewing Neem leaf was another one.

Drinks Used to Cure the Disease.

Mixing turmeric powder and ginger powder in the boiled water and used it as drinking water.

Drinking water was mixed with Tulsi leaves and neem leaves.

Milk with Brahmi powder was another drink for the disease.

Drinking Karuka (cynodon dactylon ) juice in empty stomach was advised for the diseases.

Chitta Amrit ( Hear leaved moon seed ) juice with turmeric powder was widely used as a drink of cure for the disease.

The bark of the Njaval (Black Plum ) tree was boiled in the water and used a drinking water to bring down the sugar in the blood.

Ekanayakam (Salaretin )was another thing used to boil in the drinking water which was very effective .

Having bitter dishes daily was another remedy to the illness. Raw vegetables and herbs played a significant role in controlling diabetes. Other things included turmeric, garlic, cumin seed, cinnamon and ginger were added to their daily dishes. Day sleeping was avoided as a part of treatments. Light hot water bath after applying coconut oil in the body and head was advised. Eating 5-6 leaves of Koovalam (stone apple ) was considered as a medicine. Thottavadi ( mimoa pudica ) plant was grinded and took as a medicine before having milk.

It is scientifically proved that all remedies used traditionally for the treatment of the disease have medicinal properties related to the disease.


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      AKHTAR Ali 3 years ago

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      Jayasanker Siva 5 years ago

      I boiled water with the bark of njaval(black berry) and gave to dad yesterday. He liked the taste.