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Diabetic Nerve Pain Remedies

Updated on May 30, 2013

My Meeting with Dr. Joel Wallach, Medical Iconoclast

My first meeting with Dr. Wallach, a veterinarian and a naturopathic doctor, who is unveiling cures for common diseases in animals and translating them into simple and effective treatments for his human patients.
My first meeting with Dr. Wallach, a veterinarian and a naturopathic doctor, who is unveiling cures for common diseases in animals and translating them into simple and effective treatments for his human patients. | Source

The Growth Trend of Diabetic Nerve Pain

Diabetic Nerve Pain is a rapidly growing problem. One in five diabetics suffer from it, and there are more diabetics being created every day by the way Americans (and people worldwide) are being seduced into eating mass-produced, nutritionally-deficient, processed foods.

(The food that is advertised on TV, in magazines, and on billboards, is fun, delicious, and totally unhealthy and really ... unfit to eat, if we want to perform our best and stay healthy. If you doubt me, just look around you at the health of the people you know and strangers on the street.

Here in America, two-thirds of us are overweight or downright obese. Diabetes is just a natural consequence of the poorly-designed fuel we are putting in our body and our generally inactive lifestyle.)

It's easy to ignore the early stages of diabetes. It is possible to blow off the early symptoms of diabetic nerve pain, too, which comes in a confusing variety of forms and locations. But, when the pain becomes unbearable, people will want a remedy -- NOW!

The problem is that modern medicine tends to help us ignore the real cause of our disease. That doesn't do us any favors, it just lets us keep doing the things that are making our diabetes worse, which just happens to be good for the doctor's -- and the pharmaceutical companies' -- business.

A coincidence? No, I don't think so, though your doctor may not even realize it. He's just doing what he was taught to do by the real brains behind the way medicine is practiced -- the sharp business minds of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

So, because diabetes (type-2) is a growing trend, we are going to see more and more of the unpleasant diabetic nerve pain that results...usually later in the course of the disease.

Diabetic Nerve Pain May Be in This Family's Future


How Conventional Medical Practices Let the Diabetic Down

Because most people are busy and expect their doctor to have the best knowledge of what to do about diabetes, they are stepping into a trap.

For those who have health insurance or can otherwise afford to go to the doctor for advice, their doctor may give them this advice (more or less):

"You need to eat healthier, quit smoking, limit your alcohol consumption to one or two drinks a day, and start a moderate exercise program of 30 minutes a day for five day of the week -- if that doesn't work for you, I can write you a prescription that (we assume) will do pretty much the same thing."

If your doctor had the time and wanted to be totally honest with you about your treatment options, he would add that the drug he will most likely prescribe is about half as effective as the free lifestyle and diet changes he mentioned to you. But he probably didn't take the time to tell you this.

Now, which option do you think most people are going to choose?

At best, most people leading busy lives don't find it convenient to change their diet, exercise, bad health habits, etc., enough to lose weight and achieve the blood sugar numbers the doctor says are necessary, so they end up on one or more medications.

And these medications, with side-effects like diarrhea, bloating, gas, constipation, heartburn, headache, indigestion and muscle pain make them feel even LESS like getting the exercise they need, slow their metabolism further, and upset their stomach and deflate what's left of their sex life.

Meanwhile, their diabetes keeps on progressing. Drugs don't make us healthy. You can't put the benefits of exercise in a pill, no matter what TV commercials would have you believe.

So, while you think you're getting the best advice available from your doctor, in most cases, you really aren't. You are getting a carefully crafted sales pitch from someone you trust implicitly.

"Is Metformin Worth the Risk" by Dr. David Clark, DC

How To Ensure That Diabetic Nerve Pain Will Never Trouble You

If you really got good advice, you would hear your doctor saying, "This is what you're doing wrong. You MUST start eating THIS and stop eating THAT. I want you to QUIT drinking and smoking. And you MUST get more exercise -- all of which will cause you to lose 5-10% of your present weight and get your metabolism cranked up again. That's what you need to do -- or else!"

You see, with that kind of tough advice, you can reverse the progress of diabetes and stop the diabetic nerve pain that will come with it for many diabetics.

When your doctor gives you "an easy way out" in the form of Metformin or some other drug -- or bariatric surgery in extreme cases -- he is not doing you any favors. He is simply assuring himself a more lavish retirement because the average diabetic will end up contributing $750,000 to pay his doctor for services until the patient dies.

If you are the person who wants a better future than a life of checking your blood sugar 3 times a day, counting calories, managing portion sizes, and all the tedious distractions of diabetic life -- while you inevitably head toward diabetic complications that may include diabetic nerve pain -- there are two proven methods of getting rid of diabetes symptoms altogether within a few short months.

One of these methods is to adopt a strict vegan diet, as described -- and backed up with clinical studies -- by Dr. Neal Barnard. The vegan diet of whole, unrefined, low-glycemic plant-source foods typically ensures a weight loss of 10% or more.

The vegan diet, with or without moderate exercise, will reverse the symptoms of diabetes and even eliminate diabetic nerve pain, too. Unfortunately, some diabetics still find it hard to make the dramatic diet changes that "going vegan" requires.

The good news is that there is another doctor who has been reversing all symptoms of diabetes in his patients with a medical discovery made in 1959! Dr. Joel Wallach has been reversing diabetes symptoms with only minor dietary changes and taking an inexpensive nutritional supplement pill with meals. This should be simple enough for any one in the developed world to apply.

Diabetic nerve pain doesn't have to be just one more complication of diabetes to distract you from the pleasures of living. There are remedies that can quickly and affordably reverse the symptoms of diabetic nerve pain -- the only reason you've never heard of them is that neither one is owned by the pharmaceutical industry. And, when you think about it, that's a good thing.


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