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Diabetic Neuropathy Darker Side Of Diabetes

Updated on May 5, 2012

What Is Neuropathy And Peripheral Nerve Damage?

This lens is a discussion of one of the most troubling aspects of diabetes. Neuropathy is one of several complications resulting from diabetes. I have included many links which I think the reader would find useful in learning about Peripheral Nerve Damage.

Example! - (neuropathy in feet) My story reveals how close to my heart this subject is. In my younger life I did not respect this disease as I should and neuropathy in my feet slowly began to grip my body. During a move, I stepped on three (that is right -3) nails and was not even aware. It cost me a toe amputated and six months of I.V.antibiotics to survive.



WHAT IS DIABETIC MEUROPATHY? peripheral nerve damage peripheral nerve damage

Definitions of Diabetic neuropathy on the Web:

1. A condition in which portions of the spinal cord and its nerves have degenerated as a result of diabetes.

2. Deterioration of the spinal cord and its nerves due to diabetes.

3. A combined sensory and motor neuropathy, usual symmetric and segmental and involving autonomic neurons, seen frequently in older diabetic patients

4. Diabetic neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes mellitus in which nerves are damaged as a result of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels). People with diabetes commonly develop temporary or permanent damage to nerve tissue. ...

5. Diabetic neuropathies are neuropathic disorders that are associated with diabetes mellitus. These conditions are thought to result from diabetic microvascular injury involving small blood vessels that supply nerves (vasa nervorum). ... neuropathy

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What is diabetic?

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder where glucose (blood sugar) level are/remain too high. See your doctor.

Peripheral Neuropathy: - Amazon

What are the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy

What are the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. (symptoms of diabetic neuropathy depend on the types of neuropathy). The most common symptoms of neuropathy include:

1. Numbness and loss of feeling, usually in the feet and hands.
2. Tickling
3. Pricking pain.
4. Weakness, pain, and numbness (these may be serious enough to interfere with daily activities, they usually develop 10-20 years after the initial diabetes diagnosis.
5. Stomach problems
6. Muscle weakness.

Where to find resources for diabetic neuropathy?

How does diabetic neuropathy develop?

How does diabetic neuropathy develop?: Often, the symptoms are slight at first (the initial symptoms of diabetic neuropathy are hurting, tingling and loss of feeling in the feet), but then they grow over time. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy mostly affect the foot, leg and hand.

How can further nerve damage be prevented?

  1. Good control of blood sugar levels prevents further nerve damage and can reverse the pain or numbness. Some investigations showed that intensive control of hyperglycemia could prevent or delay the development of diabetic neuropathy. Other than tight glycemic control, no evidence-based treatments currently exist that prevent or ameliorate diabetic neuropathy.
  2. Prevention consists in maintaining rigid blood glucose control as the answer to eliminating several of the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. That's why people who don't control (or can't control) their blood sugar very well seem more likely to get diabetic neuropathy. Even in patients with excellent glycemic control, several will still develop excruciating diabetic neuropathy.


all the time - don't leave home without it

If your diabetes has developed to the point that you have symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, then you really need to purchase and wear (all the time) a medical ID bracelet. My own personal testimonial speaks to this. A few years ago I experienced a diabetic coma and the first place the paramedics checked was my bracelet. (Read my story here!)

Why are medical IDs critical?
  1. A medical ID bracelet or necklace SPEAKS LOUDLY AND CLEARLY  for you - In an emergency, when you might not be able to speak for yourself.
  2. Symptoms of common ailments can easily be misdiagnosed. Timely diagnosis is critical to effective treatment. A brief depiction of vital medical facts engraved on your medical ID ensures appropriate and timely medical care.
  3. Emergency responders look for a medical ID; more than 75 percent check for a medical ID immediately upon assessing the patient. If you're wearing a medical ID, it won't be missed.
Where can I get a high quality Medic Alert Bracelet? If you would like a great ID Bracelet check out the image link below!...
medical alert id

NOTICE:  If you have neuropathy,  you probably need to wear some form of Medical Alert Jewelry. 

Question:  Where can I get a high quality Medic- Alert Bracelet? As you shop around you might want- and should consider American- Medical D's.

If you would like a- great ID Bracelet check out the link below!...

American Medical ID
Personalized Bracelets and Necklaces. As always, free engraving.

What's the treatment for diabetic neuropathy?

What's the treatment for diabetic neuropathy?

1.  The goals of treating diabetic neuropathy are to prevent progression and reduce the symptoms of the disease.
2.   Although the fda has recently approved two new agents specifically for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy: duloxetine and pregabalin  ... they are not currently available.  If you want to get appropriate treatment you must first talk to your doctor to assertain exact type for your diabetic neuropathy.

Want to learn more about diabetic neuropathy?, LINKS, LINKS, LINKS

  1. - DIABETIC SYMPTOMS AND RISKS: Index of All Articles in the Diabetic Shoes Category
  2. Diabetic Neuropathies: The Nerve Damage of Diabetes - Reviews the causes and symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and reviews the different types of neuropathies: peripheral, autonomic, proximal, ...
  3. Diabetic Neuropathy Information Page: National Institute of ... = Diabetic neuropathy information sheet compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).
  4. Diabetic neuropathy symptoms, warning signs and treatment ... - Diabetic neuropathy is a complication of diabetes causing damage to the nerves. Learn how to recognize the warning signs and treatment for diabetic ...
  5. eMedicine - Diabetic Neuropathy : Article by Dianna Quan, MD - Diabetic Neuropathy - Neuropathies are characterized by a progressive loss of nerve fibers that can be assessed noninvasively by several tests of nerve ...
  6. Diabetic neuropathy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Relatively common conditions which may be associated with diabetic neuropathy include third nerve palsy; mononeuropathy; mononeuropathy multiplex; ...
  7. Diabetic Neuropathy: What You Can Do About It -- - Information about nerve damage for people who have diabetes from the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  8. MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Diabetic neuropathy - Diabetic neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes, in which nerves are damaged as a result of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels). ...
  9. Joslin Diabetes Center | Managing your Diabetes - Nerve damage or Diabetic Neuropathy resulting from chronically high blood sugars ... Diabetic diarrhea - is

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