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Breathing Exercises For Anxiety - Calm Your Nerves Instantly

Updated on October 25, 2012

Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

There can be many occasions where you might want instant relief from stress or nervousness, and situations where you find it plain impossible to relax. If you have found, and continue to find yourself in these circumstances regularly then these diaphragmatic breathing exercises for anxiety are most definitely for you.

For example you might be looking for romance, and you find that when you’re around members of the opposite sex that you’re not really into, you just enjoy their company, or see them as friends only, you find that you’re completely and totally relaxed, so relaxed you could fall asleep even (with boredom). But then you chance upon that special one that takes your breathe away! And you go to pieces.

The stakes are raised now, and you don’t want to blow your chances, but your panicking, and your stress levels could be holding you back. From approaching the girl of your dreams, or from talking calmly to that man who has the potential to change your life.

Perhaps you’re in a long term relationship, and are now facing problems you can’t cope with. Serious issues like infidelity, and it’s affecting your ability to function properly. Or maybe you’re a single parent and your stressed out and never seem to have calm moment.

Breathing exercises for anxiety can help you in the most difficult, and trying circumstances, even at times when you feel it is impossible for you to cope anymore, you just can’t take anymore. Circumstances like when your partner has cheated on you, and your heart is broken.

Before you say or do something you’ll later regret, stop, and think for a moment, do these breathing exercises for anxiety first, to help you to relax and to calm your nerves, so that you can think clearer, and just instantly feel a bit better.

So let’s get straight in. I know diaphragmatic breathing is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s really very simple indeed. It is nothing more than merely deep breathing with the abdomen. In other words instead of rapid shallow breathing, which you tend to do when you’re very nervous as with the dating and relationships scenario, or when you’re very angry or upset and just can’t contain yourself.

These are times when you need to take deeper breaths so that your lungs can expand oxygen past your rib cage, deep into your belly, to the point where you’re belly expands, allowing your diaphragm to move down, this creates more room for your lungs to expand, rather than only breathing through chest wall movement of the rib cage.

Most people tend be shallow breathers, as opposed to deep breathers, meaning that they are depriving themselves, as deep breathing makes you look and feel healthier, why? Because it gives you a much more fuller and deeper ingest of oxygen.

And so when someone prone to shallow breathing finds themselves in a nervous or angry, situation, this can very quickly lead to rapid shallow breathing, or hyperventilating, which can make you feel light headed, and can lead to such things as panic attacks and stuttering.

Now this hub is not intended to go into the complete works on diaphragmatic breathing exercises for anxiety therapy, but simply to explain breathing exercises that can instantly calm your nerves, and help you to relax.

You can use these breathing exercises for anxiety any time, any place, and where. Whenever you feel stressed, or are about to go into a stressful situation, just use these very simple, very basic, techniques, that are very easy, but most importantly, they work.

Whilst you can put theses breathing exercises for anxiety practices to work any time, any place, or anywhere, the best place to get the hang of them, and practice a bit, is when you are comfortable and relaxed somewhere. So here are the very simple breathing exercises for you in bullet points:

  • Arrange yourself so that you are either sitting, or lying in a comfortable position.

  • Place one hand on your chest and your other hand on your stomach.

  • Now slowly take a deep breathe, and as you inhale, push your belly out, so that you can feel it expand with your hand.

  • Hold your breathe for a slight moment, then slowly breathe out, and repeat.

Good, now here’s the trick - As your breathing in, and out, you don’t need to keep holding your breath, that’s just to relax you, and get you into a calm state of meditation.

Now as you’re breathing in and out, focus on your heart beating… Listen to it… Now as you’re breathing in and out, and listening to your heartbeat, now listen to the air coming out of your nose, or how your skin feels, in the atmosphere, the air passing over your skin, keep listening to your heart beating at the same time, don’t lose focus, and keep breathing slowly, in and out, in and out, in and out…

You see it is very difficult for us to concentrate on lots of things at once, and this is the trick you will play on your mind to make you relax instantly. You will be so focused on breathing in and out, listening intently to your heart beat, and feeling the air passing through your nose and around your skin, that you will forget to be nervous, if your focused on two or three things, it’s impossible to think about much more.

These very simple diaphragmatic breathing exercises for anxiety are very simple and easy way to instantly calm your nerves, and feel totally relaxed. Practice them now, so that you can be prepared in advance.


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