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Fitness Marketing -Did You Know Personal Trainers are Making a Fortune with This?

Updated on January 17, 2012

Fitness Marketing Big Money Maker

I want to share with you information on how Personal Trainers are making a fortune using a program only a handful of personal trainers are using! These Trainers are enjoying incomes into the 6 figures, driving nice cars, living in nice homes, and have more free time to spend with family...simply by adding this powerful exercise program to their business!

What they are doing is no secret. As a matter of fact it's been around for awhile. However , personal trainers have yet to realize the huge goldmine this program is! Ok..... what is it? It's Group Training!

Group Personal Training (small groups) or Bootcamps ( large groups and usually done outside or in a large facility) is where the big money is! What's cool about this is you don't need fancy equipment or any kind of overhead. You can train clients at the park or at a highschool track with no equipment, saving you and your clients gym fee's!

Of course, depending on the size of your gym and your group, this can be done in the gym if you like. Since this post is about making money as a Personal Trainer ...I want to help you understand the full income potential here. If your currently seeing , for example ,10 people and working 10 hours..your working way to hard and too long! Remember the idea behind having your own business is to work when you want, how long you want and make as much money as you want.

Now lets take those same 10 people and say we were doing 2 group training sessions. If you were training 5 in each group , that's only 2 hours work for the same money! Now wouldn't that free up alot of time to do other things to make money!

Or...Maybe you had a Bootcamp group of 20 folks and charged them $10 each for a 45min-1hr group session. That's $200 for 1 hour's work! Do You see where I'm going with this? If you're not doing group training your literally leaving $1000's of dollars on the table!

My clients love group training! It's intense, motivating, and gets results. It's a win win! You leverage your time, while you're clients get a heck of a workout!

Interested in group training or Boot camps? Check out my blog for more information on how to get started running your own profitable boot camp here: Fitness Marketing Boot Camp Success

I'm a big fan of group training and encourage you to work smarter, not harder. Bootcamp and group training is the wave of the future for Personal trainers. Jump on board and start making some serious money!

Visit my blog for more ways to make 100k. I have a lot of 100k Fitness Marketing Strategies you can start using today. 100k Fitness Marketing Strategies

Yours in Health!



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    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 7 years ago from L Island

      Hello Candace, i love this group training tip, ideologically, it would motivate the clients and there will be more positive results. thanks for sharing your great ideao on this, thumbs up!

    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 9 years ago from Michigan

      Hi Glassvisage.. I agree! Thanks for stopping by.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      It's true! Personal trainers can do very well, and there is quite a demand for them, evne on Craiglist!