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Did You Know You Are Brilliant?

Updated on September 26, 2012

Shine your brilliance

You are brilliant and most likely one of the truths that will be the hardest for anyone to really accept. To claim you are is often led with responses of ‘wow you are conceited’. We are not permitted to embrace our brilliance, yet it is where our inner light shines. Brilliant is that snappy, loving and bubbly aspects of us, that uplifts others. This might be in academics, but I am speaking more in character. We all have a personality, and part of that is brilliance. There is an area we just shine. This can be in so many different avenues, but we all carry it. I am brilliant and so are you.

You will find brilliance in how you display yourself naturally, verses faking it. There are those who can go into a house and decorate it with flare, while others will have to try very hard to even get their home the way they wish. I am sure we all know of someone who has that decorating ability, or cooking ability, and know this is not an area we shine. We though have our own area, and it is time we learn to embrace them.

Why am I bringing this up today? I have noticed so many people tend to compare themselves with others and feeling that they are inadequate. This in itself diminishes one’s self-esteem. We have to stop denying that we are brilliant. We have to stop comparing ourselves with others. if you tap into your brilliance, you will feel your passion. Passion feeds your self-esteem. People need to start liking themselves, before they can actually love themselves. You are brilliant and time to embrace that and run with it.

How do you go about embracing your brilliance? You have to first admit you are. Everyone has something that they give to the world, and that includes you. You might need to think on this, but the answer is not hidden. First question to ask yourself is this, what do people ask of me the most? Second question is what about you is said by others in a positive way. The first answer for me would be advice and the second answer for me would be that I have a contagious smile.

When you discover your brilliant treasures within, embrace them. See the positive in them, and start from there. Build your world around these as your passion and embrace not just you but the world. This is an easy step, and will open that door to you viewing exactly how brilliant you really are.

Do you know you are brilliant? I hope you can now say yes. Share your brilliance with the world and shine.


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