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Health Benefits of Pickle Juice

Updated on February 27, 2016

The Power of Pickle Juice

Jam packed with electrolytes and probiotics, even Dr. Oz is recommending pickle juice.Drinking a couple ounces of "the green juice," a day has been proven to help improve over all wellness and provide many health benefits. Here are some reasons why Kosher's "Dill" pickle juice might need to make it to the top of your grocery list:

Stops cramps- With it's acidic level sending signals to your nerves it disrupts cramping during workout sessions. This not only helps workout sessions, but also athletes. Sodium helps retain fluids that are essential to long endurance workouts, so before running that marathon pour a cup of pickle juice!

No more hangovers- Drink some pickle juice before going out on that bar crawl and it will help keep your sodium levels up and also hydrate you. Enjoy some pickle juice for a better morning!

Heartburn- Even though some people drink vinegar and it gives them heartburn when drinking it mixed in pickle juice it can actually soothe heartburn.

Fight infections- Since pickle juice contains vinegar it makes for a good candidate to fight infections in the body!

Pre-Workout drink- Not only preventing cramps during a workout, drinking pickle juice before a workout helps improve performance because of all the electrolytes it contains! When the workout is said and done it is also helpful to have some even after the workout since it also contains vinegar and sodium which is needed after you sweat heavily.

Hiccup- stopper- Backed up with science pickle juice has been known for stopping hiccups, all you need is a small glass! Give it a try and let the world know if it worked for you!

PMS- Since pickle juice stops cramping, ladies, add pickle juice onto your shopping list right under ice cream and chocolate!

The facts- Brigham Young University did a study on men that worked out for 30 minutes, lost 3 percent of their body weight, and were slightly dehydrated. Then these men had been electrically stimulated for toe cramping. After drinking pickle juice researchers found that it relieved cramping approximately 37 percent faster than the male participants that drank water.

Go on a pickle juice experiment and comment below your results and how you incorporated pickle juice into your every day life and what you thought about it!

What Did Pickle Juice Do For You?

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Pickle Juice Sport
Pickle Juice Sport

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