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Did you know you can ease hay fever naturally?

Updated on April 7, 2015

If you are like me you are already starting to see an uptick in your allergy symptoms this year. Go figure. The pollen forecast on still shows low pollen counts. What gives? I don't know but everything on and in my head is itching. Eyes. Nose. Ears. Even scalp. The air in Prescott is dry, dry, dry and warm, warm, warm, which means that the plants in our area will go into active pollen production and, if you haven't noticed it already, that will mean allergy symptoms for many of us soon.

Chances are that most if not all of my readers are new to essential oils and how to use them. Oils are not, as many of us would expect, the exotic, "out there", left of incense, right of voodoo quackery that we are accustomed to thinking about. They are, instead, an easy, economical, practical, and effective way of managing our own health without harmful side effects.

In the case of allergies, for example, individuals with a history of glaucoma (narrow angle), stomach ulcers, difficulty urinating (e.g., enlarged prostate), heart disease, high blood pressure, seizures, lung problems, or overactive thyroid should not take antihistamines. Until essential oils came along, many individuals who fell into one of these categories either suffered with unbearable allergies, or they took the antihistamine anyway and dealt with the consequences later.

This is not an advisable way to live. And now you have options, so read on.

Before I give this to you, I should admit that there is one side effect. It tastes terrible. Awful. To use my children's favorite phrase, it's "the worst."

But it works. And it works instantly. And for me it lasts (with one application in the morning) all day long. Please, please, please remember that this recipe is only safe for internal consumption if you are using doTERRA oils. Do not attempt this with other brands, as they are not certified pure and not at all safe for this method of delivery. Click anywhere on the recipe to order your oils and get started!

doTERRA Hay Fever Remedy

1 drop Melaleuca Oil (calms immune response)

1 drop Lemon Oil (cleanses of allergens)

1 drop Lavender Oil (natural antihistamine)

1 drop Peppermint Oil (opens airways)

I told you it was easy! Apply under the tongue and hold there for one minute. Oil constituents will absorb directly into the blood stream and permeate the sinus cavity during the holding phase of application. Swish and swallow.

Stop by Wellbridge or contact us and we will get you straightened out. Until then, happy healthful living to you!


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