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Diet And Exercise To Help You Lose Weight

Updated on January 8, 2018
Miebakagh57 profile image

Miebakagh57 is retired, Chief Administrative Officer. I am passionate about aerobic exercises, food, nutrition, reading, writing. and health

Why lose Weight?

Many ways to lose weight exists. Some has been formulate into a food diet. And despite this, prove a failure to many persons that try the formula.

The various ways must have some common evidence if it will work for all or rather be of some help to many.

The best evidence for losing weight is exercise and dieting. What you eat is what you are and what you become. High protein food with less starch and sugar will make you lose weight better with regularly weekly exercises if you are determined to pay the pay the price stubbornly.

The question is: should one eat more or less to lose weight? What makes one fat seems to make another person thin. Thought it is the same food that is being eaten. What can account for this? Is it hormonal imbalance? Unintentional weigh lose due to disease or insufficient nutrient is not the issue here. Loss of appetite is completely ruled out here. This article only seeks to address gradual and healthy weight lose in persons who desire to trim down their figure, via,exercise and dieting.

According to most authorities, eating less and exercising more is the only sure way to lose weight. Although this has some truth in it, what one should eat less is still a challenge. But all agreed that carbs, sugars, added sugars, beverages and animal fats should be exclude

Less And Less Carbohydrates

Okay, we begin with sugar and starch. Our body is very sensitive to absorb these foods items. Sugar and starch that help you put on weight will be our number one food item to help in this weight lose program.

Nothing can be far from this truth.

So, you have to take away some sugar and starch or carbohydrates and fruits that are very high in sugar in the diet.

Sugars and starch stimulate the secretion of insulin into the blood stream. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. Insulin is need to burn sugar. But when it becomes low, the body will start to burn fats instead of carbohydrates or sugar. Hence,

So, it seems right and reasonable to remove all carbohydrates (carbs) and sugars from the diet, right?

The answer is negative. Carbs form part of a healthy weight reducing agent.

Our body needs starch and sugar. The muscles, nerves and brain need sugar as a special and primary nutrient or fuel.

More so, one should made a conscious effort to identify the sugars and starch that is contributing to a person rapid gain in weight. What goes good for one can be bad for another.

Is it potatoes and sweet potatoes? Is it white bread or commercial custard? Is it the refined sugar use in tea? Or is it the fruit juice with “added sugar”? Conscious effort should be made to write down the carbs you eat for over some week. Which do you think raised your weigh? Cut it down or reduced it and your weight reduce. Or you should completely put away any carb and fruits that make a rapid increase in weigh.

Go for natural complex starch and sugar. These are unprocessed and retained all their natural balance and helps in weight reduction. Limit your intake to between 15 to 20 percent and not more.

By this, your body will burn more fats and especially unhealthy fats that are deposit as wastes in the body. Because, these complex starch and sugars steadily released their by products into the blood stream, the rate in which they metabolized is low.

Always remember that sugar stimulate the secretion of insulin. This is a basic fact. Also, when starch is converted to sugar after digesting, the steady release of sugar or glucose into the blood stream is safer than the release of white or refined sugar that is released as a gush into the blood. Try brown sugars in your teas and custards; and use same in mixing your cakes and dough for making bread, especially brown bread. Brown bread should be preferable over white bread.

So, removing unnecessary sugars and starch in your meal will lower your insulin level and make you lose weight

choice your carbs from whole tubers, and leafy greens and fruits that are low in starch and sugar. Pick carbs that are low in Glycemic Index GI and Glycemic Load GL. A carb with GI of between 1 t0 20 is fair enough.

The same could be said of fruits and vegetables. For example, cucumbers are very low in GI. The GI of a cucumber fruit is 1. Its carb content is 4g.

Some food items like cucumbers and potatoes should never be peel. They skin should only be scrub to preserve their fibers in the diet. Otherwise, the end result is mere starch in the meal; and this starch is unbalance. Even a fruit like sweet melon should have its green skin slightly peel to preserve much nutrient in the inner skin.

Weight lose is now a big business. Many individuals and institutions now trade in this venture. How big the industry is can be realize from the amount being spent annually. In the United States alone, (I use thw US as a global pointer, a nation where poeple are getting fat every day) it is between $33 to $55 billion dollars

Why I Write This Hub: I am not an over weight person. But I realized that I once lost some weight and I did everything within my power to gain back what I lose. Again, some of my female friends have even ask me to help them cut down on their weight. The result was good.

This experience has been helping me to maintain my weight without any problem and it is best that I share with the outside world.

Expertise to me is not how well you are educated in such issues but how you pass through the issue and resolved it. I have been maintaining my weight not to pass the 60kg limit which suits me in good health. Anything more then this will land my to the hospital.

The following subjects will be cover in this hub:

  • Fats and oils.
  • Animal and vegetable proteins.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Physical activities to help you lose weight.

Citrus Fruits

Five Citrus Fruits
Five Citrus Fruits | Source

Options for Losing Weight

: Gaining weight and losing weight are two different questions. The easier thing to do is to gain weight. Gaining weight later becomes a problem if one is overweight. Are you over weight by eating more or less than what you need?

Now the challenge before you is to lose weight. Many ways exists just I have point out above. Did you resort to drugs? Drugs can help you lose weight but the health risks are high. The well known Mayo Clinic do not support drug therapy for an over weigh person due to its many health risks and side effects.

How do you feel being over weigh? Did you complain of headache? What other health hazard do you experienced? Or, you seem normal as a thin person?

Perhaps, you have other options of treatment and the world needs to know this.

Are you presently undergoing a treatment for weight lose? What method are you preferring and how the results affect you at the moment?


Are you an over weigh person?

See results

Fats And Oils

Fats and oils are another food group that can help lowers a person weigh. Good sources of fats and oils include red meat, egg yolk, butter, cheese and milk. Others are peanuts and peanut oils, almonds, olive oil and cod liver oil. Palm oil and coconut oil are another excellent source of oils and fats.

Some oils like coconut oil very rich in Medium Chain Triglycerine MCT and are more satiating; and easily burnt your metabolism rate.

Egg yolk in particular is a natural fat. It has some fatty acid and helps lower blood cholesterol from bad to good level. It is a must eat for every one that desire to lose weight.

Eggs have all that it takes to support life. An egg in reality is a source of life. It should be enjoyed. Its many bioactive elements particularly antioxidant helps in the health of the eyes, the heart and the arteries.

Red meat should be well enjoyed. It is a good animal fat.

Eat butter and cheese instead of magarine. Butter and cheese are more satiating too.

These fats from animals are natural, safe and good without any health risks.

Many years ago, it was thought these animal fats cause ill health like hardening of the arteries, hypertension and other heart related diseases.

Now recent scientific research has shown that it is the chemical processed refined oils and fats that is a cause.

Eat red meat, egg yolk and mutton or lamb and chew it well. Eat unrefined vegetable oils like olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and palm oil. Palm oil can be cooked into a bleached form and used for frying or cooking stew. This is much better than any of the refined vegetable oils with added chemicals and additives.

And remember this. Do not ever use refined vegetable oils to treat this natural products for eating. Instead use cold pressed vegetable oils that can be found in most health food stores. I prefered peanut oil that is locally produced with local technology and palm oil that is cooked into a bleached form. These are most safer than all the chemical treated vegetable oils.

These oils and fats are harmless. They will not cause any heart disease as it is commonly feared.

Hydrogenised fats like margarines should be used sparsely in the diet. Or substitute it with peanut butter that has no added chemical or additives. Read food label before you buy it.

The Yolk In Egg Is Safe And Healthy To Help You Lose Weight

Bird Eggs
Bird Eggs | Source

Animal And Vegetable Protein

Protein is another food group that can help you lose weight. Protein is the material from which the body is build up.

To lose weight, get your protein source from high quality animal protein. Lean meat is one of the best source of animal protein. The lean cut should be at least 95 percent. The remaining 5 percent should be a fat.

Egg white is another good source of animal protein. Egg protein contained all the essential amino acid that the body needs for growth and replacement of dead tissues. One should eat at least 30 percent protein daily along with other foods to lose weight.

Fishes and sea foods make an excellent source. Sardines, mullets and salmons, shrimps and lobsters should be enjoyed freely. Sardines, mullets and salmons are reputed to contain omega -3 and -6 fatty acids that keep the heart healthy.

Vegetable proteins are not a reliable source of amino acid, the building block in a protein. All vegetables especially pulses has proteins. Two vegetable proteins like soya bean and corn is better when taken in combination. So combine two or three pulse for better result.

Your protein in a plate of meal for weight lose purpose should include 2-3 eggs, lean meat, brown soya bean and peanuts or any combined legume sources.

As protein is more satiating than carbs and fats, it will not make you hungry and crave for unnecessary chip foods. So your metabolic rate will be raised.

Should you feel like eating, you can chew a cup of cucumber, apricot or carrots, an egg plant or garden eggs. These fruits are very low in carb. They carb value is insignificant and your metabolic rate will still be raise up. You should lose weight instead.

Other good animal proteins are lamb, turkey and fowl.

Fish Are Excellent Source Of Protein To Lose Weight

Fruits And Vegetables Can Help You Lose Weight

Add fruits and vegetables regularly to your meals. Certain fruits and vegetables are high in carbs and sugars. They should be avoided at all cost. Instead, pick the ones that are very, very low in starch and sugars, and high in dietary fibers. This will help to raise your metabolic rate further.

For example, cucumbers, melons, papayas, guava and; tomatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli, garbbages, spinarchs are low in sugars and starch but high in dietary fibers.

Take the Saturdays to eat only fruits and vegetables. Do not eat any protein and fats not even from cereals and seeds. Do not eat any carb. The proteins in these fruits you eat is insignificant in this issue. Drink some water along, or have a cup of green tea. Green tea has been note to raise metabolic rate and aid weight lose in an over weight person. Fruits and vegetables in your meal should be 40%.or more.

This is an additional avenue to break down fats from the body.

Vegetables Are Low In Starch But High In Dietary Fibers

Pumpkin Leaves
Pumpkin Leaves | Source

A Cleaseing Regime To Lose Weight

A Cleansing Regime: To lose weight, the body needs to be cleansed from some waste deposits. These deposits can be anything from drugs, additive chemical in food and beverages, especially fruit juices that are commercially produced.

The cleaning will help break down some adipose tissues and unwanted fats in the body.

The best natural method I have realized so far comes from using five of the known citrus fruits grape fruit, lemon, orange, lime and tangerine in combined form.

Make a dilute source of these five fruits. For the first 12-24 hours, you should be drinking this only and nothing else. If they is any other thing you should be eating, it will be cucumber and water to flush you digestive system.

If you feel like eating, chew a cucumber fruit and drink a glass of water with it. It will raise your metabolic rate to break down some adipose tissues. Any sweet fruit like melon is not suggest. The sugar in the fruit will complicate issues. You will do this on the first day. You may experience a little discomfort. But happily, all is now working well. Are you not determined to lose the unwanted or unhealthy fats and regain health?

Add a little salt to your mixture if you find the taste do not agreed with you. And be sure to drink plenty of water too when you are tasty.

Five to six glass of the juice will be take for this purpose.

A Glass Of Citrus Fruit Juice To Break Down Unwanted Fat

A Citrus Fruit Juice
A Citrus Fruit Juice | Source

Prepare What Your Meals At Home

To lose weight, I suggested that your prepared most of what you had to eat at home, instead of dinning out much of the time.

Try to say no with much thanks to invitations explaining why it is not convenient for you. Your explanation will be accept with encouragement if it is geared toward your goal.

Did you know that preparing your meals at home will result in a small but significant lose in weight? The washing, the cutting and so on all contributed to some lose in weight in your favor.

I know for sure that it is not surprisingly that certification will not land you your dreams. But it can lead you to a better you.

Here is a doctor who knows best under the conventional circumstances but had to change gear. What will are orthodox friends say?

What do you expect to hear? You can read her story in the video below. So, alternative medecine, like accupunture treatment for weight lose, while naturopathy is conventional.

Watch video below.

The Shocking Truth About Your Heslth

A Good Workout Or Physical Activity

Foods should be first In every weight lose plan. But to get maximum benefit, an exercise is suggested or recommend. An inactive body always accumulated waste matters in the form of unwanted fats. To help break it down and flush it out of the body, a physical activity can be useful in all cases. When you exercise, you lost some weigh or a few pounds. A short exercise of ten minutes will not give the desired result. Exercising 30-60 minutes will result in enhancing your weight lose effort.

One of the best workout I like for weight lose and maintaining my weight is jogging. You can begin with a very short distance of say 1/4 of a mile. This is not much. Just go slowly. It is jogging not fast running. Make this one hour.

Walking can be a good exercise in this. Walking for over one hour daily will help help you lose some weight in addition to jogging. Do this for 30 days and see how much you have loss.

Why not schedule your days to do some work out on certain days of the week? I personally scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays for exercises that I can do in my living room. Exercises like the jumping jack, the press up and down and push and pull, squat and mountain climbing can be done in ones living or the sitting room. On Saturdays, I jog a mile. I switch over to swimming on Mondays and Wednesdays for convenience if I am likely not to do my thing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But I always jog on Saturdays and keep my weight balanced.

Choice any physical activity that suits you.

Swimming In The Open Water Form Part Of My Physical Activities

Miebakagh Enjoy Swimming
Miebakagh Enjoy Swimming | Source

Top Key Facts Summary

  • Losing weight required determination.
  • The normal foods you eat to gain weight will be the same foods to help you lose weight.
  • A cleansing regime of the five citrus fruits is need on the first day to clease your digestive system.
  • Carbohydrates that are very low in GI and GL has less starch and sugars and will make you not to over eat since they also contain a higher proportion of dietary fibers to give a feeling of being full.
  • Fats, oils and proteins including animal and plant sources should be generously used. Proteins are more satiating followed by fats.
  • Animal protein in particular should form 30% of the meal. Fats 10%, carbs 20% and fruits and vegetables 40%.
  • This ensures you maintain a high metabolic rate throughout the weight lose process.
  • Physical activities like jogging, walking, swimming and aerobic exercises will help to break down fats in the adipose tissues. And this guarantee weight lose.

Suggested Foods To Lose Weight

Fats And Oils
Fruits And Vegetables
Eggs, lean meat 75% cut, turkey, fowl, legumes, fish, milk,
Egg yolk, red meat, butter, milk, peanut butter, cheese, olive oil, cod liver oil,
brown bread, brown rice, brown sugar, potatoes with skin, all unprocessed whole carbs.
cucumber, apricot, carrot, broccoli, brussel sprout
green chili, green bean, onions, garlic and ginger
Some Food Group

Fruits And Vegetables Are Also HIgh In Dietary Fibers So Raised Your Metabolic Rate And Help You Lose Weight

Pineapple, Papaya, Semi-Ripe Mangoes, Cucumber And Orange
Pineapple, Papaya, Semi-Ripe Mangoes, Cucumber And Orange | Source

In A Nut Shell

  • Some weight lose program has been capsule into a formula.
  • They prove unworkable to certain persons.
  • Dieting is the best formula to lose weight.
  • Less carbohydrates, medium fat and high protein intake and fruits and vegetables will work wonder.
  • The medium fat and high protein intake from animal sources ensures a high metabolic rate for unwanted fats to be break down in place of scarce sugar and starch in the body.
  • Moderate aerobic exercise for 1 hour will break down or burnt unwanted fats in your body.
  • Jogging for 1 hour after about 2 hours of a meal will also do this.
  • Jog regularly two or three times in the week.
  • Walking is another form of an exercise that help weight lose.
  • Animal protein and fats should be included in the diet.
  • Eat eggs, red meat, lean meat 75% cut, sardines, and mullets and cod.
  • Cold pressed vegetable and fish oils like peanut oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, and olive oil; sardine oil, and cod liver oil are excellent fat foods for your weight lose efforts.
  • The vegetable oils should be preferred over commercial products because the later has added chemical and additives that contributed to your weight gain and health risk.
  • Make fruits and vegetables 40% of your meal. Your protein intake should be 30%, fat 10% and carbohydrates and water 20%.
  • The fruits and vegetables should be low in Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL).
  • On day one of the weigh lose program, drink some mixture of citrus fruits- grape fruit, lemon, lime, orange and tangerine only for the first 12-24 hours to cleanse your digestive system. Drink plenty of water if tasty on this day. This will raised your metabolic rate and burn fats as less sugar is in your blood stream now.
  • Options for bodily exercise include swimming, aerobic dancing and Tai chin.


It is not just reading and taking action once or twice that will make you lose weight in this discourse. It should be consistent over a period of six months when a realistic result is achieve. It all depends on how determine you are to achieve the goal. That is why you should mark out a schedule calender for your walk outs as well as for the foods you eat.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copy right 2014

Fish Is A Good source Of Protein In The Diet

Fried Mullets
Fried Mullets | Source


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    • Miebakagh57 profile imageAUTHOR

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      3 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Hello,Kirtidv006, thanks for stopping by and commenting. That you are getting aged does not matter. Help is always on the way. I will soon publish a new article specific on well balanced diet, that will de-age a person. I am reviewing and revising the article to ensure it meet HubPages standards. Continue to eat fruits and vegetables regularly. See my recent article: Eating Fruit and Vegetables Daily," It is a good read. Many thanks again.

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      3 months ago

      Thanks Miebakagh. My weight has fluctuated over the years due to unbalanced diet. However, now as I am getting older I am realizing more and more the importance of balanced diet and how it does contribute in maintaining a consistent weight. I recently started eating fruits for lunch with a small amount about a pretzels on the side to add something crunchy to my diet. So far so far. Hope i can keep this up.

    • Miebakagh57 profile imageAUTHOR

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      6 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Hi Dredcuan, thanks for visiting and commenting. You are always welcomed.

    • dredcuan profile image

      Dred Cuan 

      6 months ago from California


      Have you heard about whole 30 diet? it's almost similar with your recommendations. Any processed and any carbohydrates must be eliminated from your diet.

    • Miebakagh57 profile imageAUTHOR

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      4 years ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Readers are welcomed to make constructive comments to help improve this hub where necessary.


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