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Diet Introduction

Updated on August 21, 2016

today’s day and age, many children are consuming way too much sugar than the recommended Dietary Guidelines across the world. As a result of this high consumption of sugar, many children are at risk of obesity, tooth decay, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Which explains why a blog site like this should exist and taken more serious in order to save our generation and the next generations. This problem of consuming too much of sugar is not only for the children, even udults are found being victims of too much sugar consumers.

Here we will give some of examples how too much sugar can be risky to an individual

People might not eat a lot of sugar directly, most energy-rich foods are in the form of sucrose which is used to sweeten many foods. These sugars may also be used by bacteria in the mouth for their nutrition. These bacterias form a sticky covering called plaque on the teeth. As the bacteria feeds on the sugar, they produce acids which dissolve the enamel & thus cause tooth decay

For prevention due to dental decay, & gum disease often associated with sugar you can do the following :

eating food with low sugar content. regular and effective brushing of teeth at least at twice a day to prevent the build-up of plaque. using dental floss to remove food trapped between your teeth and gums. using a toothpaste containing fluoride. If you have sugar problems symptoms you may need to consult a doctor at the nearest hospital or clinic before the sickness become chronic, so you an get antibiotics.

In that case antibiotics have instructions which needs you you to be fully attentively because when they are not used correctly they becomes resistance by the body or cause another sickness.

Antibiotics are drugs that are effective in killing off bacterial infections rather than viral infections. Therefore, when an antibiotic is taken by someone for the purposes of killing off a viral infection; it ends up attacking healthy bacteria. The killing of harmless bacteria leads to antibiotic resistance in the body. Sadly, doctors are responsible for this issue because 10% of doctors write out prescriptions to 95% of patients who visit them with an acute respiratory infection. The reasons as why this occurs is due to a couple of possible reasons according to Mayo Clinic. First, doctors may prescribe antibiotics before receiving test results that show an infection is viral instead of bacterial. Second, doctors may be pressured by patients to be prescribed antibiotic medications. There are ways that may be beneficial to your health rather than using antibiotics which may somehow results to be bad to you body. Eating a balanced diet is the only way and proved to be beneficial.

A Balanced Diet.

A balanced diet is one that contains all of the essential food components in sufficient quantities and in the correct proportion. A balanced diet is important because food gives us all thinghs that are needed to keep the body working properly. The different types of food we eat must be present in the right amounts; otherwise illness can results. In other words we require a blanced diet.

In general, the daily food intake of a person should be approximately 55% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 15% proteins. The actual daily requirement differs from person to person according to age, sex and what type of work done.


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