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Diet List of Foods High in Protein Low in Fat and Carbs

Updated on January 1, 2012

There are many diets out there, some that work and some that don’t. I would like to help you if the diet you are interested include having a low fat and low carb kind of diet or if your diet is a based around low fat and high protein.

A diet low in fat and low in carbs typically is low in protein because most of the foods falling in this category are fruits and vegetables, vegetarians and vegans normally have this kind of diet.

Contrast this to a diet low in fat and high in protein uses healthy fats rather than unhealthy fats as well as twenty-five or more percent of what you eat being protein. There are many foods that fit the categories of these diets that most people look over.

Low Fat High Protein Foods

For the low fat and high protein diet there are many foods that are naturally low in fat and high in protein.

A few of these foods are lean cut beef, poultry (without the skin), fish (not fried or canned), eggs beans and low fat or nonfat dairy products. Good snacks to have when on this diet would be a slice of lean turkey or low fat yogurt and granola.

Foods that fall under the low fat and the carb and calorie diets would be things like steak, plain breads, egg whites, fruits, vegetables and nonfat or low fat dairy products. Some good snacks to have while on this diet would be whole wheat toast with sugar free jam, bagged or plain popcorn or some sliced apples.

Low Carb High Protein Muffins!


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