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Diet Pills Proven To Slim

Updated on August 8, 2015

There are a number of reasons that people want to lose weight; an event, post-baby, or perhaps for better health. We all want fast results but it is important that we educate ourselves on slimming products and choose wisely. There are countless products on the market, after all weight loss supplements are a part of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Diet Pills

Diet pills often over-promise. They promise fast and lasting weight loss and they are packaged in an ever-convenient pill. The problem with many of these products is that the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) does not endorse them and it is perfectly legal to sell these products without such an endorsement. Companies can use celebrities and forums to market their products and make them appear to be safe and effective when in reality they can be harmful and even lethal. They may also market them as all» natural with "secret" natural ingredients that are actually dangerous substances hidden under the category of "proprietary blend".

There have been documentaries filmed about weight loss supplements and the lack of regulations set on them. It has been proven that people can make these products in their home; blend the ingredients, packaging, marketing, and sales. There is no one testing the products for safety or effectiveness and the creator of the recipe is not necessarily licensed in food and drug.

Sometimes these products are not tested or they are under-tested. Ephedra and phentermine are two examples of products that produced fast weight loss results but at a cost; many people's lives. These products attacked the body and caused cardiac arrest in some. The FDA stepped in and banned these two substances.

Safe and Effective Diet Pills

The cases that brought on media attention of failed diet pills have made us a better-educated public. More people are concerned with what they put into their bodies and that forces companies to be accountable for their products. People are also learning that there is a limit to how much weight should be lost in a week as well as the importance of diet and exercise.

Responsible Weight Loss

It is important to understand that weight loss should not exceed 2 pounds per week for most people. Exercise and nutrition is also a part of the equation to prevent gaining weight again.

The new diet pills that have hit the market are pharmacy grade and available over-the-counter. These work with an enzyme booster to suppress your appetite and increase your metabolic rate (fat burner in the body).The reduced caloric intake from suppressing the appetite results in pounds lost.

Smart Weight Loss

It is a good idea to make an educated decision on the products ingredients and FDA endorsements first and then choose for the maximum results. These products are safer but they still carry the risk of some side effects. It is recommended that you visit your doctor with any questions that you have about taking these supplements, especially if you are on medications or a special diet. Even natural ingredients can reduce or increase the effectiveness of prescribed medications.


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