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Diet Pound Loss

Updated on August 11, 2015

Celebrities love weight loss detox diets because they offer fast weight loss. Adherents can lose between S and 7 pounds in one or two weeks. It may sound like a great idea but it is a crash diet and the results are not lasting. The weight comes back quickly when the detox is oven

Why Success Is Short Lived

Detox diets require participants to not eat. They are liquid only diets. This is a severe drop in caloric intake, so naturally people do lose the weight in a short amount of time. As soon as you return to solid food the weight you lost will make a fast return. For a celebrity who needs to fit into that awards show dress, it will get her there. But, in case of long term weight loss solution, it just won't work.

The Good Detox - It Is Possible

If you want to try to shed some pounds for good while you rid your body of toxins there is a healthy way. If done correctly a healthy detox will flush away fat while clearing your skin, allowing you to sleep well, and keep a great energy level throughout the day.

The following two step diet is a healthy way to get fit.

First Step

Your body needs the right fuel to cleanse itself from toxins and regenerate. If you want to succeed you will need to provide your body with more minerals, vitamins and nutrients than you would normally consume.

Fasting is not your friend for this reason, instead make sure to eat foods that are rich in what you do need.

Eating these low fat, nutrient rich foods will allow you to lose between 3 and 7 pounds in anywhere from 7 to 10 days. The weight will not return because you have not forced yourself into starvation mode. As a bonus to your slimmer figure you will enjoy a healthier immune system and lower cholesterol, and blood pressure, and renewed energy.

Vitamin C is a great example of the type if nutrient you want to get enough of. There are a lot of studies that find Vitamin C is beneficial when trying to lose weight. One such study conducted by Arizona State University showed that people who got enough Vitamin C in their diet burned roughly 30 percent more calories during exercise than those who have a Vitamin C deficiency. In fact such a deficiency has been related to larger waist measurements and higher body fat content. Find natural sources of complete nutrients when you are detoxing to take full advantage of these perks.

Second Step

Step two uses organic foods and herbs considered super foods that have been proven to aid the body in ridding itself of toxins and support weight loss. Make your meals using herbs of good quality that have been shown themselves to increase metabolism and flush fat. Using the correct herbs you can even lower your blood pressure and build stronger circulatory walls which will help block fat from your heart.


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