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A Modified Approach to the Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet

Updated on February 16, 2015

Background - Why I Tried This Detox Diet and Why I Modified It

I have been very athletic and fit my whole life. I played sports into adulthood and right up until I got pregnant with my first son about 6 years ago! I was active through my pregnancies, and after I had my son, I started doing more distance running. In between my two pregnancies, I hit a new low weight I never thought I'd hit again. It made me realize how much muscle really does weigh more than fat (I had been a lot stronger before) and that my body may be happy at a slightly lower weight now that I wasn't doing a lot of sprinting and muscle building workouts.

After my second pregnancy, I got down again in weight, but not quite as low. After I stopped breastfeeding, I was not running as much (I'm going to blame the Midwest winters!) and kept eating the same. As such, I've been battling with the last 3-5 pounds for over a year.

Dr. Heyman's 10 Day Blood Sugar Detox Diet seemed like a good fit for me to do something to try to get rid of those pounds fairly quickly and get back on track (decreasing my sugar and baked goods intake - those are my major sins). A friend had posted about it on Facebook - that it had helped her lose a lot of weight and feel so much healthier.

I actually started by just following the one-pager that's available online. It gives the basic rules of the diet. I followed them at first, but then realized I needed to modify a few things to make it work for me.

My main modifications:

  • Taking a day off in the middle of the 10 days.
  • Allowing some goat cheese for my salads as a protein.
  • Allowing some low calorie popcorn as a snack.

In the end, I lost 2-3 pounds in 10 days and felt really great.

Summary of Days 1-3

I'm going to walk you through all my days of the diet (in varying levels of detail) because this is what I was most interested in when I was searching the internet to decide if I wanted to try this detox.

Day 1: the first day (Sunday) was actually not that hard.

  • Breakfast: I made the smoothie and sipped on it off and on all morning. I had been out to a huge dinner the night before so I was probably still somewhat full from that.
  • Lunch: This was really delicious. I made a salad with mixed greens (including spinach), roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, snap peas, olives, and a hard boiled egg.
  • Dinner: I was really hungry by the time I got to make dinner because we went to a friend's house for dinner. They had pizza but I planned ahead and brought some chopped up peppers, carrots, and snap peas and snacked on those. For dinner I made about 5 oz of poached salmon (with lemon and salt for flavor) with sauteed spinach and garlic (in a bit of olive oil).
  • Snacks: I actually didn't need any, other than the veggies I ate at our friend's house.

The hardest part of the first day was definitely after dinner. I am so accustomed to having at least a small treat (which usually turns into a bigger one than I had planned!). It was a real challenge not to obsess about how I really wanted something sweet. But I got outside, shoveled the snow, and had some mint tea and felt better.

Day 2: the second day (Monday) was harder. I felt pretty good when I woke up, and got my smoothie going, but then I was hungry a lot throughout the day and felt very tempted to cheat.

  • Breakfast: I made the smoothie and sipped on it off and on all morning. It did not taste as good to me and it was hard to get through it, but it did help me feel less hungry.
  • Lunch: This was very good again. I made a salad with mixed greens (including spinach), roasted red peppers, cucumbers, snap peas, olives, and the other half of the poached salmon I made the night before. This really helped me get through the day.
  • Dinner: I was very hungry by the time dinner rolled around. I made tofu in a bit of sesame oil and eggplant and mushrooms. It was good and filling.
  • Snacks: I had almonds for a snack, and some green beans.

The hardest part of the second day was being at work. My only source of fun there is sugar or caffeine, I realized!

Day 3: the third day (Tuesday) was also pretty hard. I was at home with my kids and I am very used to eating their scraps, so it was hard to fight that instinct.

  • Breakfast: deconstructed smoothie
  • Lunch: Sauteed spinach, soft boiled egg, roasted red peppers, snap peas, radishes.
  • Dinner: Trader Joe's shrimp stir fry! I was excited that it was fully within the confines of the detox but was pre-prepared.
  • Snacks: Almonds and a bowl of veggie broth. My kids were also snacking on plain popcorn and I must confess I had some. As far as transgressions go, I figured it was very low calorie, a real food, and not sugar, gluten, or dairy, so I didn't beat myself up too much. It saved me from a much bigger cheat, I think.

The hardest part was again the hunger. But I also noticed that a few almonds could make me feel fine for a while. I also had a bowl of broth that helped a lot. Not eating dessert was hard again, but not as torturous as the first day.

Delicious salad

I really loved this salad with a mixture of warm and cold ingredients
I really loved this salad with a mixture of warm and cold ingredients | Source

Days 4-6

Day 4 (Wednesday) was hard at first and then a lot easier. I felt super tempted to cheat at work - I just wanted a mocha to get me through my work!

Breakfast: Almond milk and berry smoothie, spoonful of almond butter, 2 walnuts (deconstructed smoothie).

Lunch: Basic salad bar with egg for protein.

Dinner: Tofu and veggies.

Snacks: I cheated with popcorn again. It helped me and I'm ok with it.

Day 5 (Thursday) was hard, but I was also happy because I had lost 2 lbs in 5 days. Unfortunately, this is when I began to cheat a bit more. A chocolate covered almond here, a handful of sweet and salty popcorn there, I pretty much broke down. This was when I decided to take Friday completely off and then re-set. Hence, my modified approach to the diet.

Off-day (Friday) - I took a break.

The good news was that giving myself permission to take a break didn't mean going completely insane. I still pretty much stayed away from gluten. I didn't overeat. But even so, I could feel my body starting to bloat up again and my energy decrease. This gave me new resolve to commit for the rest of the cleanse.

Day 6 (Saturday) I was back on track.

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Smoked Salmon with Veggies

This was delicious!  Smoked salmon felt like a major treat, but it's low calorie and filling.
This was delicious! Smoked salmon felt like a major treat, but it's low calorie and filling. | Source

Days 7-10: The Final Stretch

For the final few days, I allowed myself some modifications so that I knew I could stick with it:

  • Small amounts of goat cheese on salad.
  • A cup of low calorie popcorn for a snack (Trader Joe's has some great flavors).
  • A piece of dark chocolate a day if I wanted.

Day 7 I was feeling good and I played 1.5 hours of racquetball in the morning. It was really great to feel that I had enough energy off of the smoothie and nuts/seeds and without any caffeine!

  • Breakfast: Deconstructed smoothie.
  • Lunch: Smoked salmon, carrots, green bell peppers, olive hummus.
  • Dinner: A slice of veggie pizza (NOOOOO!!!) and green beans. And some Trader Joe's ginger snaps and schoolhouse cookies.

I felt really gross after eating the pizza and that night I was having stomach cramps and general icky feelings. It was really a wake up call - eating well I had not had any stomach pains, which is unusual for me, and that pizza hit my system hard. I also had weird dreams, and woke up with a stomach ache. I really felt the need to not cheat again! I also really started wondering whether gluten affects me more than I think.

Days 8-10 I got back on track, eating very similarly to how I was eating during the first days.

Summary of the Detox Diet

Take Home Lessons

I learned a ton from doing this (modified) detox diet.

The biggest lessons I will take with me are:

  • Almonds are really satisfying and filling.
  • Almond butter is delicious!
  • I love eating a salad with a protein (especially an egg over-easy) for lunch.
  • Nighttime is definitely my most difficult time for eating. I tend to want to relax by eating something sugary, but this doesn't make me feel good.
  • I feel much better when I wake up in the morning if I haven't eaten a ton the night before.

Goat cheese enhances any salad

Adding goat cheese to my salads made them way more enjoyable for me.
Adding goat cheese to my salads made them way more enjoyable for me. | Source

Final Thoughts

I'm really glad I tried this. I have to note that I did not do the whole package as described in the book with all the supplements, the baths, etc. I tend to think that supplements are a rip-off and I think you can get tremendous benefits just from following this diet.

This has changed how I think about lunches (I know that I don't need a sandwich anymore and that it slows me down) and has helped me reign in my snacking and treat eating.

I would love to hear in the comments if others have tried this, or other, detox diets, and your thoughts.


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